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Let's Stop Wasting
Start date: May 4, 2015, End date: Dec 3, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The earth we are living on, is on the edge of depleting its energy due to incorrect and unnecessary use of human beings. Even though the Earth looks immense, great challenges are expecting for us as humans because of our reckless attitudes. People are using its sources so unnecessarily and not even aware of its results. In other words, we are not able to assume the scale of wasting. As it is correspondingly about our project, we are mentioning wasting in many areas such as; electricity, bread, water, medicine, food etc. In fact most of the time we are wasting many sources unconsciously. Thanks to our project we will make people be aware of wasting they cause every day. We will work on the precautions that we can take to stop wasting any kinds of sources. In brief we would like to raise awareness in society about wasting. The number and profiles of the participants: 10 participants from ‘Young Volunteers of Aksaray’ and 6 participants including group leaders from each partner will be included in this project. Our partners are from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Croatia, Czech Republic, and Macedonia. Participants will be aged between 18 and 25 and there will be age limit for group leaders. There will be 40 participants at total to take part in the project activities. All the participants will be requested to know intermediate level of English and they will be among those who are motivated to work on project activities. Gender balance will be taken into account. Activities: The project activities will start on 3th September 2015 and will finish after dinner on 7th September 2015. The arrival day of the project is 2nd September and 8th September will be the departure day. During project activities we will be working on the project theme; WASTING. We will especially focus on the topic; wasting, and its different types. We will figure out what and how much we waste during a day consciously or unconsciously. Thanks to interviews in the city centre we will define the level of awareness of local people about wasting. Some visits will be carried out to local governmental offices and institutions in order to promote our project. Participants will make some action plans to disseminate project results. Methods All the project activities will be participant based and we will use Non-Formal education methods. There will be some daily evaluations and leaders meeting in order to make participants take more roles during project activities. We will use a variety of methods such as outdoor activities, group work, team work, pair-work, workshop, role-play, drama, interviews etc. All the participants will be welcomed to share their any ideas in a creative working atmosphere. All the security and safety precautions will be taken by the hosting partner and all the aims will be achieved. The Results of the project: At first project participants will be aware of the issues such as wasting, types of wasting, its results etc. They will also have the chance to improve themselves in many aspects; linguistic, social, cultural, individual. They will lose their prejudices like xenophobia. Moreover they will gain more self-confidence as participating in an EU project. There will be awareness and sensibility about wasting in the city of Aksaray and in the other cities where the project partners from. All the participants will be motivated to take part in new projects and they will make it possible other young people to involve in such opportunities and activities. As on output of the projects brochures will be disseminated in local, national and international platforms so that results will be disseminated in larger masses.
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