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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Saving the world is a real need. In that sense, schools face it and analyse it with subjects related to natural and social sciences. However, it is not a need that can be solved by dealing with it only at a school level, it demands global actions and solutions. In this sense, our Erasmus+ project “Let’s Save the World” will let its participants and people involved to realize the real dimension of this problem. Moreover, it will give young people the opportunity to reflect on the necessary conditions to live together in a common space called Europe. Thanks to the European nature of the project, we will also try to improve our young citizens’ knowledge about our countries and help them appreciate the diversity. Staying in host families will be a source for personal enrichment and will grant us first-hand experience on how life is in these places at a social, economic and educational level. At the same time, the educational quality and teaching practice will improve due to the exchange of experiences. All this will allow our pupils to get ready for both their present and future as European citizens. “Let’s Save the World” is addressed to pupils ranging from 10 to 15. Firstly, its first aim is to motívate them to take part into the pleasure of learning. Secondly, it is to help them increase their knowledge of the languages involved in the project, especially English. Finally, as concern to the teachers, it will facilitate the comparison and adapted teaching abilities. The project will be carried out by means of different activities which range from the search of information or making up of posters and other products, to others such as the recording of videos or creations of power point presentations; that is to say, a great variety of activities that stress and develop the competence of learning how to learn, the artistic competence, or the ICT competence, bearing in mind that all of them favour the linguistic competence. Logically, since these activities are so diverse, the methodology will have to vary and be adapted depending on the requirements of each activity. All the various teaching strategies, ways of learning and communicative techniques will be addressed to help participants’ cultural open up, personal enrichment and interpersonal relationships improvement and teaching practices. Once the aims achieve the desired and predictable impacts such as the increase of the environmental awareness, greater feeling of belonging to Europe and improvement of our pupils, families and society’s healthy habits...we will get actual awareness on the part of future generations, that is to say, the decision makers of the future with the power to make real changes and save the world. Students will understand that there is a serious environmental concern throughout the EU that requires balanced, committed and global behaviour. The use of foreign languages at the moment of planning and implementation of the different activities and the constant contact with people from different cultures will help each member involved improve their linguistic competence and learn the cultural diversity of the EU. Eventually, for teachers the project means a chance to participate in exchanges and debates which will allow a critical point of view of how each country works and improves. We will realize that we share an objective, training young citizens for the future more than the mere passing on of knowledge, which will be carried out in various situations and under different situations. This analysis and knowledge will help us understand the evolution of the educational system and our practices. To sum up, we are facing a serious ecological problem that needs global solutions but we can do something about it. So let’s do it. Let’s take part. Let’s take action. Let’s save the world.
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