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Let´s save safe cyberspace
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the project is to inform and train youth leaders and youngsters on how to use the Internet in a way that protects their physical and on-line safety, as well as their digital and real-life reputation. It will also be a great opportunity to teach youngsters on how to make use of good on-line communication practices that promote tolerance and inclusion, instead of a culture of aggression.The project consists from two parts: seminar and youth exchange. Seminar for youth workers: Venue: Nachod, Czech RepublicDates: 11-14.11.2016Project involves: 26 youthworkers form Czech Republic, Greece, Poland ,Lithuania and Portugal.The process of exploring topic of safety in cyberspace will start before the training. The youth leaders will make a research about cyberbullying in a group of youngsters they work with and then they will present results of it during the training. They will compare their own conclusions with others and analyze it in the context of outcomes from Child Safety Summit. Through this activity they will identify on-line threats and opportunities to lead youngsters for safe behaving in cyberspace. The youth workers will also reflect on attitude of youngsters and prepare ideas of innovative methods of youth work.Youth exchange:Venue: Thessaloniki, GreeceDates: 8-14.05.2017Project involves: 24 youngsters and 7 youth leaders from Czech Republic, Greece, Poland ,Lithuania and Portugal.The participants of youth exchange will take part in several activities which will help them to understand and reflect on the topic of safety in cyberspace - discussions, drama and role playing activities, creative activities, practical workshops etc. A very important activities will be preparation of comic and videos because by it they will gain wider understanding of the topic and learn how to share their knowledge with others.There will be also workshops dedicated to improvement of digital skills and getting familiarize with tools to avoid risks in the Internet. There will be also activities connected with art (graphic design) and cultural expression. The youngsters will also take part in activities about open communication. Those type of activities are useful in social inclusion and will help to develop interests and skills of youngsters. The goals of the seminar are:- Raising awareness among European youth leaders about the best practices to avoid cyberattacks and all kinds of on-line threats;- Educating all the youth leaders on how to recognize the symptoms related to a pathological, deviant or criminal use of the Internet in order to tackle the issue from its roots;- Enabling the youth leaders to create their own original solutions and innovative methods to solve this issue when working with youngsters by making use of new media tools (like social networks, blogs or video-sharing websites)- Improvement of the quality of youth work by creating innovative methods and development of competences of the youth workers- Development of digital skills of youth workers, gaining by them better understanding of youngsters by understanding "on-line world"The goals of the youth exchange are:- Raising awareness among youth about safety in cyberspace; encouraging them to support their peers in solving problems of cyberbullying;- Educating youngsters on how to recognize the symptoms related to a pathological, deviant or criminal use of the Internet in order to tackle the issue from its roots;- Educating youth in a field of communication and problem solving;- Development of digital skills of youth by getting to know tools to avoid risks in the Internet;- Empowering youngsters to play an active role in protecting their physical and virtual safety and reputation when communicating on the Internet;- Raising confidence between adults (specially youth leaders) and youngstersThe expected impact on the participants of the seminar is gaining new skills in the field of safe Internet use, including the use of social networks. The main impact on the participants of the youth exchange is rising their awareness of threats in cyberspace and forming their active approach to react on that problems.

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