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Let's post it!
Start date: Sep 15, 2015, End date: Feb 14, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The core of the project “Let’s post it!” develops from the willingness of Massa di Somma Municipality to face the lack of awareness on the fundamental values and principles of the European Union among young people living on this territory. Furthermore the lack of local assets has required the development of new tools to be committed to the promotion and endorsement of intercultural dialogue, democratic participation and active citizenship. The project “Let’s post it!” aims therefore: a. to reinforce learning mobility opportunities for young people; b. to increase the sense of European citizenship and identity among local youth and to raise participants' awareness letting them detect common values within other cultures and countries; c. to increase capacities and key competences of young people, including multilingualism, self-asserting spirit and entrepreneurship; d. to foster the practice of non-formal learning and the adoption of European tools in order to ensure a better recognition of competences; e. to provide young people with the necessary means to actively participate and influence the choices of decision makers; f. to encourage interregional and transnational co-operation among stakeholders working in youth field (non-profit organizations, civil society, local and public administration). The project “Let’s post it!” addresses 32 young participants and a facilitator – 8 from each one of the 4 European involved countries, which are Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium and Estonia, all with their own history in the European integration process. Participants will be selected among strongly motivated high school graduated, new high school graduated and university students between 18 and 23 years of age. At least one participant from each country will have to be well acquainted with the use of video multimedia. The mobility will last 8 days (13th to 20th of November 2015), and will take place in the territory of Massa di Somma. Several activities inspired to non-formal learning practice are planned: role playing, breaking ice moments, outdoor activities and Nations Fair. Core of the activities are creative spot performed on the second to last day of the mobility. Participants will choose the subject of their spot among European fundamental values, principles and rights. The title of the Project (“Let’s post it!”) developed from a wordplay combining the words ‘post’ and ‘to post’, which are spreading among young people and refer to the action of publishing their thoughts, pictures and videos on social networks, with the idea that the host municipality will post up posters, similar to large colourful post-its. In this way participants will remind the population about European cultural values, making sure that their experience can become the experience of the whole community, encouraging other young people to take part to similar future programmes. The expected impact of the project is remarkable: through confrontation participants will acquire sense of initiative and critical thinking about Youth Policy. Furthermore they will get involved and will be able to influence decision makers as well as interest groups concerned with political and social processes pertaining to their life. The development of key competences will endorse a self-empowerment action implementing the personal growth of participants, enhancing their employability and improving their career prospects. Participant organizations will increase the international dimension of initiatives addressed to civil society; they will update their management, implementation, monitoring and follow-up competences on European projects and reinforce the interregional and transnational co-operation with different stakeholders, establishing the base for the development of future projects. Indirect beneficiaries of the project “Let’s post it!” will thus have the chance to become interested on the opportunities offered by a mobility experience: cultural, personal and professional enrichment, development of their civil and social responsibility, encouragement to take part to their community life more actively. In the long run the project “Let’s post it!” will be the propeller for changes and will encourage political decision makers locally, regionally and at European level to introduce internationalizing strategies in their policies. The regional and transnational co-operation network of youth organizations and local authorities will provide and develop strong synergies among several stakeholders operating in youth field inspiring future co-operation and planning of new projects in the field of European grant programmes.

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