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The project focuses on students and teachers from European schools. It concentrates on the history, tradition, customs and the culture of Poland, Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria. This undertaking meets children's natural demands for games. The goal is to introduce students to integration, topical and movement-focused games, which are a communication medium providing creative thinking and entertainment. Children will learn dances, songs, proverbs and counting-out rhymes.Our games will be adjusted for age, ability level, needs and interests, bringing joy and team work. Students will have a chance to discover and reinforce their basic knowledge about Europe, along with learning the basics of coexistence in a multicultural and tolerant society.The teachers will have a chance to expand their knowledge by sharing their educational methods.The goals of the project will be accomplished during school hours, extracurricular field trips and cultural events held at the school and local neighbourhoods. The students will be tasked to maintain their relationships over the internet, by mail and visits. Supervised by teachers, they will prepare comprehensive multimedia presentations, which will later be posted on the project website. The undertaking will result in a guide to games with music and move attachments titled "Eurogames."
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