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Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PROJECT HISTORY: Our institution has been located at a settlement area where families with cultural and economic disadvantages live and we're working with children between the ages 4-10 year olds. According to survey data applied to the sample group of 250 students chosen from our schools students ,we ‘ve detected the game-based learning, is the most effective learning method for our children in that age and we have reached the conclusion that they want to play more educational games in classes and at the schoolOur institution is on a mission of constant renewal and development and our teachers are a dynamic team who are working enthusiastically to develop their professional competencies, and also to prepare a strong future for their students. We’ve decided to apply the Erasmus + programme to be able to offer individual development opportunities to our teachers and to internationalize our organization and to upgrade it to the standards of the EU and we prepared and implemented a needs analysis questionnaire . According to the data obtained from the survey, we’ve detected the title of the issues that our teachers need for educational development and training. PROJECT OBJECTIVE:With EU training strategy it’s intended the countries work together,learn from each other and to ensure compliance today’s information society with each level of high-quality education and training and contribute to the development of national economy.With this project we’ve aimed to create opportunities for our teachers to receive training courses in different countries ' educational institutions in subjects determined with need analysis,and to provide professional development for our teachers and to enable our institution to reach European Union standards and thus internationalize in terms of educationNUMBER AND PROFILES OF PARTICIPANTS: All participants ,including pre-school teachers (at least one teacher in each branch ) will be among the teacher of our institution. Our English teachers will be among the teachers who are taking mobilities in order to solvelanguage and communication problems which may occur during the training courses. The number of participants has been specified as 35 keeping in mind all of these factors.METHODOLOGY USED DURING THE STUDY: Taking training courses for our teachers in subjects identified with the need analysis from EU member countries based on the principles of Teaching Learning .EXPECTED RESULTS AND EFFECTS OF THE PROJECT : With this Project our teachers* will improve new teaching strategies by adopting the principle of teaching how to learn * will learn English as a foreign language * will learn Kids games Belonging to different cultures and will provide cultural transfer to our students by teaching them *will develop the teaching skills by using games* will gain skills of educational materials* will able to understand the importance of social ,linguistic and cultural diversity better*will gain ability to use Turkish language effectively , express the idea comfortably by selecting the correct words,spelling and prosody in speech, * will be informed about the different EU Member States countries ' educational systems, will expand the horizon*will attain a more comprehensive understanding of the applicications and systems of different countries regarding teaching ,education and youth in Policies * will increase the awareness regarding Europe projects and EU values in accordance with this understanding*will be informed about organizing and dissemination of Educational projects between countries * will increase the opportunities for professional development and career development*will increase their personal development and self-confidence * will become individuals who strive to make positive contributions to the development and modernization of our Corporate culture* will become individuals who support our internationalization strategiesLONG TERM POTENTIAL BENEFITS OF THE PROJECT: The Individual and professional development of teachers ' qualifications, will directly affect positively all their students that they will teach in their next professional lives .An enhancement and internationalization and transnational vision of development will be provided at our institution through the multinational cooperation provided with this project.Teachers who are learning how to teach will adopt this principle to their sudents so they will train lifelong learning targeted students.

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