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Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Place: Project will be organized in Sheffield. Type of the project: Training and networking activity under KA1 Theme of the project: The theme of the project is “motionless life of young people". Nowadays, with the help of technological development, people especially the young people have a big problem because of motionless life and unhealthy nutrition. This situation affects all the societies negatively especially the young people. While technology is making our life easier, at the same time it makes us lazy and motionless. As a result of this motionless and being lazy, people don’t even cook for themselves, but prefer unhealthy and easy food like fast food. The number of these young people is increasing day by day. As the young people are the next geneation of our society, we have to shape and educate them very well, because they will be the architects of our future. But, as mentioned above, motionless life and unhealthy nutrition are one of the most dangerous situations that they come accross nowadays. Therefore, in future we can / will face with a very serious problem with the young people if we don’t cope with these situations. Aims and objectives: With this project, we aim to produce qualified projects about our topic by making NGO’s, youth groups and other related institutions together and we aim to encourage healthy and sporty life style by improving international cooperation among the related institutions, groups and the young people. Objectives of the project are as follows: To develop new projects which will promote youngsters to have an active life? To create awareness amoung the young people about healthy life To develop international cooperation against fighting motionless life and unhealthy nutrition To encourage youngsters and youth workers to do sport for healthy life. To create awareness in youngsters and youth workers towards benefits of sports. To promote entrepreneurship of young people by giving them active role in events. Duration: Overall project will last 180 days in total. Partnership building activity in Sheffield will last 6 days. Partner countries and number of participants: Partner countries and the number of participants are as follows; 4 people from Greece, Italy, Romania, Poland and Macedonia, 7 people from UK and Turkey. Totally there will be 34 participants. 2 support staff, 2 trainers and 1 speaker will work during the project. 2 facilitator and 1 support staff will come from Turkey. There will be 34 people in the Project. Activities which will take place: NGO fair, Cultural night, field visit, orientation activities, case analysis activities, lecturing on youth projects, creating drafts of the projects, presentation of best practices about employment , preparing reports of best practices, planning of future, partnership building activity, project simulation, evaluation activities. Methods to be used: Lectures, orientation meeting, group dynamic games, , ice breakers and warmers, brainstorming, group discussions and bilateral discussions, lecturing, fieldworks, group presentations, workshop, , individual work, project development techniques (brainstorming, problem analysis techniques, W-H questions, activity and strentgh analysis). Impact and results: New project drafts about healthy lifestyles, conscious people about the importance of mobile life, dissemination of good practices related to sports, stronger cooperation among NGOs and organizations from different countries, cultural awareness towards different cultures, good friendships among the participants, increase in the entrepreneurship and self confidence of participants, more informed about Erasmus+ and youth projects, conscious local people about importance of sports and contribution to European citizenship Long term benefit: This project will contribute to create strong cooperation among the partners in all areas.
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