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Let's Move!!! Sport Against Obesity
Start date: Sep 25, 2016, End date: Dec 24, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nowadays, obesity becomes one of the main health problem of almost all societies. By realising the fact some societies try to take action to overcome this trouble. However the level of consciousness of many societies is far away from the desired level. It is a scientific fact that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle the received and consumed energy should be in balance. While the technological developments make the life easier, they significantly limit the daily movements. In other words, the energy balance is disrupted in favour of received energy. Therefore the obesity problem becomes an inevitable fact. The main approach to solve this problem is to encourage people for proper nutrition and reasonable exercise. The basic purpose of our project called Let's Move!!! Sport Against Obesity is to increase the awareness of the society for the importance of proper nutrition and exercise against obesity and to encourage people for an healthy lifestyle. The young people who are the most dynamic element of the society are in the focus of this attempt.In this framework, the project will be held in Ankara between the dates of 25 September- 1 October 2016 with the participation of 36 young from Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Poland and Turkey.It is planning for participation of 4 young and 1 group leader per country. While specifying the participants profile the below principles will be considered:- regarding the gender equality every group will consist of 2 girls and 2 boys, including obese and fit young- at least half of the participants will be young who has not any previous benefit from the EU Programs and who has a socio-economic and geographical disadvantage. The active involvement of eager, teamwork skills, highly motivated young will provide significant contribution to the project. In addition to that bringing together young who has no sport background and who has an amateur sport habit will provide an environment for the participants to learn about different lifestyles.The main activities of the project are:- Energisers, morning sports and other exercises for motivation,- Introduction to the Project and information for Erasmus+ Program, particularly Youth Program and Youthpass,- Information fors port and obesity, cinevision, animation etc,- Every evening, culture nights of participant countries and evaluation meetings with the group leaders,- Preparing Let's Move!!! Campaign. Preparing slogan in native language of the participants, video shoot activity,- Table tennis tournament,- Let's Move!!! Preparing Flash mob, video shot- No Obesity, but sport!!! Swimming exercise,- We are learning Healthy Eating Pyramid,- Sporting Memories! Conversation with the famous football player Tanju Çolak,- Cultural visit to Ankara,- Dinner out of Hotel,- Participation to radio program, - Basketball match and medal ceremony,- Let’s Move!!! Flash mob Show in public area (In front of Keçioren Municipality or a shopping mall)- Evaluation of Project outcomes, polls and planning for further cooperations, - Participation to the TRT Program,- Big Show: Let's Move!!! A final shows with the participation of citizens and the Mayor in the public area (Botanic Park),- Farewell Party.The method that we will follow in the project is the non-formal learning which increasingly gains importance in the life of young. As it is known that one of the main target of EU is to support the non-formal and informal learning in the field of youth. In this framework with this methodology young will learn more by using practical tools that provide them an environment close to the real life problems, experiences, observations etc.Young will gain not only how to fight with obesity or having a sportive lifestyle but also- Self-autonomy,- Critical thinking,- Curiosity and obviousness,- Creativeness and social development,- Communication capacity,- Active involvement,- Solidarity and team spirit,- Responsibility,,- Conflict resolution,- Respect and tolerance,- Human rights,- Intercultural dialog,- Peaceful training,- Gender equality,- Information on the lifestyle and culture of young from different European countries,- Diversity as a means of learning.Sharing these gains with their social environment and society as a whole will enlarge the impact area of the project.
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