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Let´s Meet through Cooperation and Teamwork

„Let’s Meet trough Cooperation and Teamwork“ is a project addressed to primary school students. Its goal is to develop knowledge and understanding among partnership schools’ children through realization of common tasks. Cooperation and teamwork will enable young people to meet their peers throughout the whole Europe, and above all, to learn about their countries, hometowns and schools.The project will be executed in different thematic groups where children will be supervised by a teacher responsible for a particular assignment.Individual groups from all schools participating in the project will meet and begin the cooperation. At the beginning the partner schools will present the participants, next they will realize the tasks through teamwork.They will introduce the school, hometown and country, display all information about the tasks on the Internet website. Prepare a radio drama to read out in role plays by participants of the project. Present a part of their local ecosystem and design a mathematic, educational game.They will find the methods of promoting healthy lifestyle. Arrange sport events in order to compete among partner schools.Both children’s parents and members of local communities will be involved in the project. The results of their efforts will be continually displayed in all partnership schools and their surroundings.
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