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Let's meet the street - A new vision to prevent yout violence in all its forms
Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

"Intercultural learning" can be one tool in our efforts to understand the complexity of today's world, by understanding others and ourselves a bit better. Moreover, it can be one of the keys to open the doors into a new society. "Intercultural learning" may enable us to better face the challenges of current realities. We can understand it as empowerment not just to cope personally with current developments, but also to deal with the potential of change, which can have a positive and constructive impact in our societies. Our "intercultural learning capacities" are needed now more than ever.With this project proposal we would like to empower youth workers working in a multicultural environment withelements of Intercultural education.The general aim of the project proposal is to enable an exchange of good practices on intercultural educationtargeted to prevent youth violence, mainly in the work with Street children, and among NGOs working in the field ofnon formal youth education from Europe, Africa and Latin America.The specific objectives we intend to achieve by this project proposal are:-To share information among partner organisations about methodologies in the work with Street children and prevention of youth violence in general, in the countries participating in the project.-To share experiences among partner organisations on non formal education work with young people in the countries participating in the project.-To identify and exchange best practices on intercultural education as a way to prevent youth violence and the promotion of activities among partner organisations.» To build up a network among partner organisations for implementing future activities in the frame of the programme Youth in Action. The activities we foresee to implement the project objectives are:1.A preparation activity in which the Two International Activities will be discuss and methodologies and final programme will be analyse, sharing responsibilities among team.member and organising a task division. The activity will be held in Italy.2.Local Workshops in which every country will involved 5 young people age 13 - 20 years old who have been victims of violence, are at risk of violence or have already problems being actors of violence.3.One training course on intercultural education as a way to prevent youth violence, lasting 7 days with maximum 30 participants to be implemented in Brazil. In the training course, participants will be able to share methodologies of work, exchange experiences and to elaborate a joint plan of action of projects for the future.4.An evaluation activity in Peru in which the steering group will be able to evaluate the whole project and to set the bases for follow up and the creation of the network.5.Production of a cd-rom containing the best practices identified during the project on intercultural education as a way to prevent youth violence and to work with Street children.The tangible results can be summarize as:-An international training course on intercultural education as a way to prevent youth violence;» A cd-rom translated in all partners languages, containing best practices on intercultural education as a way to prevent youth violence;-An international network for the implementation of intercultural activities both in the frame of the Youth inAction programme and other national and international programmes.The multiplier effect of the project will be ensured by the results achieved within the project. These are:-Improved learning process of youth workers working in a non-formal and intercultural environment, using elements of intercultural education;-Increased opportunities for target groups to know different international and European countries from an intercultural learning perspectives and thanks to non-formal education activities;-Creation of a broaden international network able to develop innovative youth activities aiming at including young
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