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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The ICT provision and use in European schools is improving but several obstacles remain. > Firstly, whilst teachers are using ICT for preparing classes, ICT use in the classroom for learning is infrequent. Teacher training in ICT is rarely compulsory and most teachers devote spare time to private study. > Secondly, students and teachers have the highest use of ICT and ICT learning-based activities when schools combine policies on ICT integration in teaching and learning. However, most schools do not have such an overarching policy. Despite the fact that having access and positive attitudes towards implementing ICT into their teaching and learning, teachers often find this difficult and require on-going support - not only technical but also pedagogical. The school constantly looking for ways to modernize in order to increase the quality and capacity of teaching. The teaching staff is always ready to meet the challenges created by modern education. Following the guidelines of the educational system of the country and European trends, part of a strategy for the development of the school is the increase of competencies and skills of teachers and the capacity of the school for the application of ICT in teaching. In this direction were taken several steps such as, training of Edubunty teaching some basic courses on the application of computer technology, Application of Google Drive in teaching, training on the use of e-grade system and electronic data in the school, equipped 11 offices with computers, projector and Internet in order to increase the application of ICT in teaching. We have good experience with projects. Overall objectives Enhance the key competences and skills on ICT and learning performance of young people attending schools in TETOVO area Foster quality improvements, innovation excellence and internationalisation at the level of education institutions. Specific objectives To acquire and to improve new competences of teachers and other educational staff linked in ICT. Contributing to the creation of a more modern, dynamic and professional environment inside SMP; ready to integrate good practices and new methods into daily activities, planning strategically the professional development of their staff in relation to individual needs and organisational objectives. Increase the capacity of SMP to operate at EU level The project has set up a training programme of 3 seminars (55 hours each) to be held in Seville, focus on ICT integration in school management and education activity. Participants will be 4 staff member of the School each training seminar. Each seminars will be follow by an activity in which participants will experiment best practices discussed in the seminars with their colleagues and students. The activity to carry out will be decide with Inercia Digital and SMP tutors help (duration at least of 1 month). At the end of the activity participants will report the benefits and problems carrying out such tasks. The project main impact for SMP will be: - Elaborated a LONG TERM ICT STRATEGY, and a positive attitude towards ICT; - improved quality of the use of ICT in management, preparation, techniques, strategies and teaching resources for teaching activities; - ICT integrated in the school curriculum; - gained commitment to ongoing professional development in ICT, teachers informed of courses in professional development, as well as offered general support; - increased capacity for operating at EU/international level: improved management skills and internationalisation strategies; - gained a more modern, dynamic, committed and professional environment inside the organisation: ready to integrate good practices and new methods into daily activities; - school more open to synergies with organisations active in different educational fields; In a EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE the project impact positively on several aspects in accordance to its dimension: - it enhance digital competences students filling the lack of ICT skills; - dissemination activities improve awareness of ICT integration issue in educational to spread the usefulness of such training program for education staff among: *stakeholders (schools, digital companies, European training organizations, local and national agencies or authorities in charge of education etc.); *citizens (local communities and European community - press, social network, website, dissemination activities); The potential long term benefit of the project is the acquisition by the SMP School community (Staff, management, teachers, students) of all the basic skills to improve an efficient ICT policy inside its organization, and start participating in local and european programme/project in ICT for the specific target of its students, becoming a a local and regional point of reference in this sector.
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