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Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project is a partnership building activity.Content/ history of the Project:The problem of refugees is a current issue caused by the wars in the middle-east and it has affected all the world countries. There are 200 million people living out of their motherlands. According to the data of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees there are 10 million refugees and 13 million people having to change places in their own countries. Micro level solution will be produced to this problem of refugees with this project. It will involve integration of the young refugees specifically into social life and this problem interests the whole world. Aims of the Project:The overall objective of our project is to integrate the young refugees into social life because they are the most influenced groups due to immigration.The specific objectives:1- To raise awareness in the youth workers about the refugees problem.2- To increase the efficiency of youth workers about dealing with the refugee problems.3- To raise awareness in the society about the refugee problem.4- To raise awareness in the participants about the xenophobia.5- To disseminate the good practices about the refugee problems among the partners.6- To discuss and report about the precautions to integrate the young refugees into social life.7- To increase the cooperation among the groups and NGOs working for the problems of the refugees.8- To prepare new project drafts for the solution to the refugee problemsThe number of participants and participant profiles:In our project, there will be 35 participants in total from 7 countries with no age limit, besides the minimum number of participants should be at least 18 for the efficiency of the activities. Among our participants, there are participants experienced in youth works, who have worked in the field of refugees, who are socially excluded as refugees and who can’t participate due to economic reasons. Description of the methodology to be used and activities: During the whole week the following activities will be done: revising the priorities and the objectives, introduction of the organizations and individuals, orientation, determining the expectations and fears, the presentation of participation in the activity, revealing the conditions of the partner countries, expert presentation, the risk awaiting us, the cultural night, creating suggestion, discussing about the problems, presenting suggestions, preparing final report, discussing about the results and the suggestions and presentations, preparing posters on xenophobia and presentations, NGO fair, the market of good practices and buzz group work, visits to the immigration office and the police department, giving information about Erasmus + and youthpass, preparing project draft and presentation, preparing project repository and building partnership, project implementation simulation, preparing project report and finally the survey of evaluation. And the methods to be used in these activities are group dynamism games, group discussions, energizers, orientation activities, individual evaluation and group evaluations, ice-breakers, presentations, brainstorming, question-answer, problem analysis, observation, writing report, workshop, learning in place, narration, interactive presentation, learning by seeing and in place, energizers, simulation, in-group interview-discussion, individual work and survey.Expected results and a brief description of the effect:The participants will develop their skills of problem analysis and producing solutions thanks to the concrete data, they will discover the problems of the refugees, they will start to think more consciously about this issue. The practices will be observed with the field visits. The participants who wish to take precautions against the risk of refugees will examine the social life and will always to attain the ideal. The participants will improve their linguistic skills and expression skills as the communication language is English. The participants will have information about different cultures, will develop their friendship relations at the cultural night and will eliminate their prejudices at the cultural night. With the NGO fair, the participants will be influenced by the works of other organizations. And therefore the communication and the cooperation will increase. Benifits of the Project ın a long termWithin the activities of the project, the participants will raise awareness about the risk of refugees threatening the whole world societies, the activities will motivate the participants to write new projects to struggle against this problem. By this way, it will be possible to contribute to integration of the young refugees into social life and there will be more confident and healthy individuals forming a society.
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