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let's go!- und lift-Einzelstipendien
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The present pool project "individual scholarships let's go! and lift" is a nationwide initiative to promote practical trainings abroad for apprentices of skilled trades as well as technical trainees in industry and trade who are taking part in a vocational education and training under the dual system. Its objectives are fixed against the background of a previously relatively low mobility of young people in the dual training system which currently stands at about 4 percent. Additionally, conventional measures of mobility for apprentices are usually carried out in groups and are too inflexible for interested individuals or do not match due to their technical, spatial or temporal orientation. However, this project provides promotion of individual practical trainings abroad, irrespective of time, country of destination and the occupation requiring formal training. But the project determines clearly the funding period which in each case is scheduled to last three weeks. This schedule is based on the experience that this period usually already allows young people to a positive experience mobility with sustainable effect and that on the other hand longer periods of absence of the apprentices is in most cases hardly accepted among their training companies. Moreover, the realisation of practical trainings abroad shall now also be possible for those youngster, who just finished their apprenticeship. The 3-week-training abroad has to be completed within the first 12 months after their successful final examination. The experience showed that some of the apprentices do not have the opportunity to do an intership during their vocational education under dual system due to timely and operational reasons. This project shall enable the mobility consultation services of the Chambers of Skilled Trades and the Chambers of Industry and Commerce to provide a funding offer to apprentices who are interested in individual scholarships. The mobility consultation services of the Chambers are acting as "regional support partners”. Concerning the hosting institutions the notifier turns to partners abroad that have been established in the course of individual scholarships for apprentices of the skilled trades awarded since 2007 in the pool project line “let’s go!”.The procurement procedures start with the written application of the young person. This application already ensures the prompt provision of information to the training company and the vocational school by obtaining the respective letter of reference from them. The applicant’s formal and personal suitability for an individual training abroad will be tested in a selection and awareness section conducted by the notifier or the regional support partners (mobility coaches of the Chambers). In case of a positive evaluation the preparation of the internship abroad will be planned. As soon as a suitable hosting institution/company is found and a learning agreement regarding the stay has been reached, the applicant will be informed of the authorisation of the funding. During the internship abroad different measures of the sending and hosting institutions will ensure the support for the young person and the documentation will start. After returning home the documentation will be finished and the final evidences will be provided. A certificate will be issued attesting the stay and the individual scholarship is finalised.The project "individual scholarships to let's go!" is expected to have the following results: The quantitative participation in individual scholarships of apprentices of the skilled trades and of technical trainees in industry and trade will increase. The individual internship abroad promotes the intercultural and language competences and supports the personal and professional development of the participating apprentices and trainees. The positive impact of the acquired competences will become clear in the domestic apprenticeship. At the same time it is expected that the restraining threshold of the participants for future long-term work in other European countries will be lower.Regarding the quantitative need: The nationwide concept of the project is geared towards the whole group of apprentices of skilled trades and of technical trainees in industry and trade as well as towards young people recently aquired their certificat of vocational education in the mentioned two occupational groups. In view of the above, the notifier and its partner institutions see the need for the 100 scholarships applied for in this project in the two-year period starting 1st June 2016 till 31st May 2018.
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