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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Opening to Europe is now important for growing students' knowledge and behavioral skills.And teaching foreign languages cannot be achieved without taking into account this European context.This is why the teaching team of the School of the Groseilliers (Chasseneuil du Poitou, 5400 inhabitants) are involving themselves in the Erasmus project.The school is made of 9 classes, 12 teachers and 216 pupils in this little town near Poitiers (90 000 inhabitants).This is a very dynamic team who makes a mission working on important projects which relates to all classes from 1st to 5th grade.For example, one of the aspects for the 2015-2016 school year is about sports and continents where they are practiced.The different objectives will have impacts in the fields of literature, sport, visual arts, world discovery, geography and music.The teaching team had been informed about the Erasmus programme during a meeting with a Teaching advisor for languages.They consider it is a chance for them to involve their students into more practical learning of a foreign language.2 teachers made an evaluation of the needs and decided of the objectives for the students.The final goal will be to improve English language skills (comprehension, speaking, writing) and give a practical sense to what they learn.Motivating the students will involve them in developing their own knowledge.They become more critical and therefore socialize with others, open themselves to other cultures and are more sensitive to differences.Thanks to the training, the 2 teachers would like to be able to bring renewal to the way English is taught in their school.They would like to improve their individual levels of English (have a better knowledge of the everyday English).Thanks to the programme and to the immersion in Great-Britain, they would like to develop their educational techniques in English by creating new teaching aids (albums, documentaries, films...), discovering new techniques (like use of new technologies like etwinning) as well as other school systems or cultures...These exchanges and aids will be shared gradually with the whole team of the school after the training.The first step will be to draft the language improvements between the different colleagues : set up the objectives and skills that each teacher will have to meet in his/her class.Regularly, thanks to various advices, the teachers will change their aids according to the final objectives.At the same time letter writings using the frame of etwinning will be set up progressively.In the end, the impact is expected to grow beyond this year project.On a long term basis, students will benefit from this teaching during their 5 years in the elementary school.Therefore they will be better prepared for their integration into junior high school.The aim is not only to improve English knowledge per student but also to get each to open oneself, to accept differences and to better live with others.In France, scholarship is long and Primary school is only the 1st step on the scale up to become an adult responsible and tolerant for his life.
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