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Let's Go Outside! - Training for Facilitators
Start date: Dec 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Youth Association from Transylvania organized a KA1 Mobility for Youth Workers, for a group of 32 youth workers, facilitators and trainers, who came come from 13 countries and 17 partner organizations, 9 countries and 9 partners from the European Union, Romania, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Germany and Italy, and 4 countries and 8 partners from Eastern Europe & Caucasus, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The training course implied 8 working days, started on the 10th of July and ended on the 17th in 2016 in Baile Tusnad. The main aim of our project was to bring together people who are interested in using outdoor activities as methods for learning in youth exchanges and youth activities in general and help them understand better the educational approach of active methods. The more specific objectives of the Training were: 1. To offer a safe learning environment for the participants to develop themselves on theoretical and practical level as youth workers, facilitators and trainers. 2. To have an experiential case study where the youth workers carry out non formal education sessions within the summer camp, which can be lately analyzed for further development of NFE and FE synergies. 3. To create a clear feedback and mutual support channel between the participants and the facilitators from the summer camp who are interested and motivated to develop current educational trends. 4. To ensure proper knowledge and resource transfers between the 17 partners so that they become multiplying agents who can carry out similar projects. During the 8 day training, followed the idea that after the "Getting to Know each other" phase, being acknowledged with the project and the environment, the participants had 2 and a half days of theoretical sessions held by two trainers. Following was the practical part of the training, which implied the process of developing tools for "Educational processes in the outdoors" that were later used in the activities within a summer camp in the area. 35 adolescents took part in the summer camp and these adolescents took part in 10 sessions delivered by 10 different facilitator teams during 3 days. The last day was completely dedicated to future project planning and evaluation. In between all of these the 32 youth workers had five practical sessions of experiencing outdoor activities themselves, mainly focusing on developing team spirit on ropes. Some cultural events were also done, where participants could further discover the culture and the reality of other communities. This was done through cultural nights among participants and the adolescents, visits to touristic areas around Baile Tusnad and free nights where various games and board games were played. The project included a various range of non-formal methods which were based on experiential learning, this way, all the parts implied were able to acquire valuable skills, competencies and attitudes to their personal and professional development. The trainers had an imposing experience in this field. They wereNagy Attila, who is also the president of the Youth Association from Transylvania, and Vitalie Chirhana, the director of the "MilleniuM" Training and Development Institute from the Republic of Moldova.
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