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Let`s go live !
Start date: Jan 21, 2015, End date: Jun 9, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project Let's go live was the Youth Exchange, which was attended by three of the country, and the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. This project uskutoni? we decided as a group because we care about young people who live in these hurried times. Teeneger have a poor diet, which means that the wrong diet, with little physical activity. Contemporary forestry brings with it stress, the consequences of which are particularly cardiovascular disease and premature death followed. As a group, we devote this issue, so we asked the program a financial grant so that we can help as many young people and also to learn new things on a healthy lifestyle. Our main objectives were: 1. Awareness of young people the dangers of poor diet-Nowadays, young people spend in a fast food restaurant or eat unhealthy various semi-finished products, so we also thanks to this project we have pointed out the importance of healthy and regular diet. 2 shows the way the teen to lose a healthy lifestyle-Young people often do not know what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and how to maintain it. Using the project we want to show them the path to it as the easiest to come and stay.  3. involve young people in sports activities - a Youth Exchange to engage in sporting activities all participants, and realized that the sport and move is not only boring, but it's also fun, and regular physical activity can become a pleasure. 4. start thinking more positively - Recognise that nowadays is enough problems and stress, and therefore need not be further manufactured. The project was attended by 39 young people aged 15 to 27 years from three different countries. Most of the participants were students either medium or high schools. Among us were even more unemployed participants who can not find work in the long term. In Romania, the group were two athletes who are dedicated to football from an early age. The Czech group were people who volunteer youth who are disadvantaged, and the problem of participation in society. The Slovak group were people who want in your professional life to healthy lifestyle. The project held a variety of activities such as: organizational activities, indoor and outdoor activities, dinners, preparing questionnaires, production of posters, evaluation evenings, knowledge test, and others. All these activities took place inside the room or rented venues. One of the activities we have in the near village. The methods that were used: discussion, open space, role play, youthspass workshops, lectures. Through activities and methods that were used in this project, the participants could informally educate and acquire new knowledge and skills. We believe that this project, which we will deal with healthy lifestyles for young people, their bad lifestyle will have a big impact on many young people in our planned activities we okolí.Vdaka addresses a number of young people, whether from our participants, or even those whom we addressed during our event. This topic is still relevant, it is a pan-European problem, so we know what we have done now, what we have sown in the young people will have long-term benefits and long-term effects for young people.
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