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Let's go Green (learners) - Άς γίνουμε πράσινοι (μαθητές) Work based learning (Staff) - Μάθηση βασιζόμενη στην εργασία (καθηγητές)
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

About EK students: In Europe, jobs, which contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development in general, are called "green jobs". Training in these jobs will give impetus and opportunities to our students, so as to get involved with modern occupations that are relevant to their specialties that have future and significant growth potential. Students participating, 20 in total, 12 of EPAL Sindou and 8 of EPAL Chalastras, have good performance at school, especially in laboratory courses, have good knowledge of English, have disposal for education and have important perspectives for using knowledge and skills that will take. They come from areas with intense problem of unemployment and environmental degradation. Objective of the project is improving the skills of our students, learning new skills in the areas of green development, offering information and training in the respective specialties of green jobs, raising awareness on environmental issues and promoting their employability by cultivating skills and personal qualities. The training content includes presentations and updates about the possibilities and prospects of green jobs and visits to institutes and universities, companies, technical schools, public, private and local authorities and environmental groups. About our students, we expect them to broaden their horizon, gain environmental awareness, enhance cooperation, responsibility, taking initiatives, highlighting the talents and their interests, reaching esteem and thereby strengthening their confidence. Another benefit for our students is acquiring critical view on what profession suits their inclinations and interests. As host country, Sweden has been chosen and specifically Stockholm city. It is famous for the awareness of its citizens about green sustainable development practices. April 2016 was appointed as implementation time. The duration of the mobility will be two weeks. Organization Alfombra Roja has been chosen as host institution, because it has great experience in organizing such training programs and has many links with education providers. In recent years, the European Union (EU) focuses its attention on green jobs, encouraging national and local authorities and citizens to take initiatives to protect the environment while creating jobs. Besides, according to the data of CEDEFOP, the first 10 most popular and best-paid jobs in 2010, were not even existed in 2004. About EK teachers: The aim of technical - vocational education is the transmission of technical and professional knowledge and the improvement of personal abilities and skills. The purpose of E.K. is the integrated and the specialized laboratory education for students who study at EPAL & IEK. However, the practical training of students in laboratories cannot be compared with practicing in real conditions of work. For teachers, the objectives of the project is to gain knowledge and experience on the practice of students in real workplace and on careers with new curricula, the acquaintance with the structure of the educational system of Sweden and with monitoring modes and way of assessment of learners in the workplace, comparison and evaluation of the Swedish educational model which includes “Apprenticeship", an idea that will implemented in Greece as well. The group of participants will consist of 8 specialty teachers of E.K. in Sindo and 7 of E.K. in Chalastra. All of them hold university and technological bachelor degrees, some have postgraduate degree or second bachelor degree. They have trained repeatedly in their specialty and SVG (School Vocational Guidance), have extensive experience in technical education and everyone knows English, at least at level B2. The program will be held in February 2016 and it will have duration of one week. As host institution, organization Alfombra Roja has been chosen, because it has great experience in organizing training courses about student’s internship. The content of training includes seminars, visits to institutions and organizations that guide the practice of students in real workplaces, visits to continuing education centers for young people, visits to Technical Schools and State and local agencies that support the practice of students. With this project, teachers who will participate are expected to improve their knowledge on vocational guidance, on school curricula and on internship programs, on the structure of the educational system of technical education in the host country and the offer and contribution of European mobility programs.
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