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Let's go abroad!
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Scholengemeenschap Sint Ursula, Lycée Pierre Mendes and IES Orixe BHI have set up the project 'Let's go abroad!' because they want to encourage their pupils to study and/or work abroad for some time. But first and foremost they want to give approximately 240 pupils the opportunity to travel to a partner country for eight days and stay in a host family. The schools noticed that its pupils are only partially aware of the diversity of their school system and the different paths offered to them. Moreover, their knowledge of the differencies between their own system and those of other countries in the European Union is very limited. Consequently, very few of them are currently planning on carrying out their studies abroad, even for a limited period of time. So, this project was set up to present and promote the possibilties for studying in another country, the school systems in the partner countries and the various career paths which are offered to young people in different countries. For this first project, which will be challenging, it seemed sensible to us to work with a limited number of partners in order to figure out the complexity of the project and the interest it arouses among the students. The class level was chosen so that the students have time to fully work out the stakes of pre or post graduate-studies. In order to make sure the students are individually put up in families from partner countries, the choice of about twenty involved (per partner and per year) seemed coherent to us. Concerning the global procedure of the project, each year, two one-week-exchanges are planned to work in international groups on the project. Every year the focus will shift slightly . During the first year the pupils carry out several assignments about school systems. The second year concentrates on the possibilities at universities and the third and final year on the working life. The pupils will present their results in posters, presentation and physical objects. After three years an exhibition will show all project results. It will thus create a link between the students of different years. This exhibition will be visited by other pupils at school, pupils' families, other teachers etc. Furthermore the results will be disseminated by a blog. The logo, motto and lay-out of the blog will be designed and presented by the pupils during the first year, thus arousing interest in the begining of the project and bringing partners together. Short study visits to universities and companies will be part of the program. The pupils will be able to talk with students and professionals to get answers to questions they have formulated beforehand. A presentation of the pieces of information they collected will then take place. An other important output of the project is a boardgame, which pupils will develop together during the three years of the project, involving a new groups of students each year. This game, presenting the different career paths leading to a job, will be based on the information collected in the other phases of the project. The game will be presented in other schools targeted by our pupils. The main impact is to get the students aware of the importance and variety of studies and of a good career path. Furthermore, the local heritage visits and the time spent with the host family during the exchanges should create an envy for different kinds of mobilities. The international meetings between students should be the source of a foreign language skills improvement. We then expect numerous students, involved in the project or not, to travel abroad for their studies, training periods or get a job and thus improve their cultural potential, linguistic skills and their professional prospects.
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