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Let's Get It Started
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Let's Get it Started" is a training course for 26 youth workers from 12 countries (Armenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Turkey, Romania and Poland), which will take place in northern Romania, in Baia Mare, between 3rd of November 2015 and 10th of November 2015 (excluding traveling days of the participants). The project aims to give youth workers the opportunity to learn and experiment different methods of non-formal education in order to help and empower young people to develop various skills and aptitudes needed in their personal and professional development for increasing their employability chances. Also, in turn, participants will learn skills, aptitudes and skills necessary in their youth work. Objectives of the "Let's Get it Started" project are: - Promoting non-formal education methods among youth workers - Stimulating youth workers by experimenting various non-formal education methods, in order to feel and reflect on the importance of non-formal education towards the personal and professional development of young people; -to raise awareness on how non-formal education methods can be used to promote cultural diversity and intercultural learning; - to develop specific skills and competences among youth workers needed in creating and sharing good quality non-formal education methods among young people; -to explore how the non-formal education can be used in order to empower young people and to develop their spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship as one of the fundamental key competences; - to re-evaluate youth work practices and methods - to explore roles and differences between formal, non-formal and informal education; - to promote the Erasmus + Programme and the various European mobility opportunities that it brings to young people; - Designing and developing new project ideas in Erasmus + Programme, especialy in cooperation with partner countries -recognition of the learning outcomes through the Youthpass instrument. The methods used during the activities will be non-formal such as: role play, energizing games, video screenings, circle practice, open space, world café, photovoice, living library, team building, learning to play and playing to learn, synergy etc. As a result we anticipate a growth in the non-formal skills and competences of 26 youth workers from 12 countries, promoting non-formal education methods experienced during the training course by designing and editing an electronic booklet. The anticipated impact on a long term is that participants by applying the non-formal methods learned and experienced during the training, will contribute to the personal and professional development of youngsters, in order to increase their employability chances. In turn, participants experimenting various non-formal methods during the training course, will develop various skills and competences which will make them more attractive to the labor market in the youth sector.

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