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Let's Fathers, Come Preschools!
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

let's Fathers Come to Preschool (LFCTP) is a Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership project on the field of higher education between Baskent University from TR, and Gothenburg University from Sweden, Stricting Drio from NL and Life-Long Learning Association from TR. Today, father involvement (FI) is now accepted as an important factor that lead healthy child developement. Mainly father involvement research focused on FI in children's overal lives. Parent involvement, as mostly focused issue in education, is equated with mother involvement in many European countries since mothering is associated with child care while fathering is associated with breadwinning. This situation becomes more visible when the early childhood education is under the consideration since the target age group of early childhood education is 0-8 years old, a period in which children need more care when compared with further educational steps. Unfortunately, lack of higher level of FI resulted in negative consequences on the part of children, fathers, mothers and ECEC programs. For instance, previous research have indicated that high father involvement resulted in less school-drop outs, higher self-esteem, higher academic achievement among children, better fathering ability among fathers, better feeling of being supported among mothers and completly actualizing their vision regarding involving parents into education for ECEP. When considered these positive impact of FI, it is clear that there is a need to increase FI in ECEC settings.Main objective of this project is increaseing the visibility of father involvement in early childhood education. To reach this aim, this project have the purpose of increasing early childhood educators' awareness of the importance of father involvement encouraging them to involve fathers into their educational process through increasing their feeling of competence for involving fathers, increasing the father-friendliness of early childhood education settings. For this purpose, in this project two main intellectual outputs, Father Involvement Guidebook and Handbook of Father Involvement Activities for Early Childhood Education Programs, will be developed with the shared work of all partners. In addition to these intellectual outputs, a project web-site and learning platform that will be used by ECE teachers, fathers, mothers and scholars interested in father involvement will be developed.. Moreover, by using social media devices such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, project process and results will be disseminated to public, relative stakeholders and informal partner organizations. Target group of the project is 1830 people; 30 teachers, 600 children and 1200 parents. through multiplier events it will be aimed to reach 300 individuals (200 in Turkey, 50 in Sweden and 50 in Netherland) who are project stakeholders, early childhood educators, candidate early childhood educators adn scholar from different universities in the field of early childhood education. In addition to these individuals, through project web-site and learning platform and social media groups it is expected to reach at least 5000 early childhood educators and parents. During the project there will be five transnational meetings, two training activities, one short term learning activity in Sweden and one long-term teaching activity. Through transnational meetings, a continous communication will be established between partner organizations. In addition to these meetings, partner organizations will conduct online meetings once in four months to encure budget, time and quality management. Short term learning activity will be organized for early childhood educators in pilot pre-schools from Netherland and Turkey. Through this learning activity, it is aimed to provide opportunity for early childhood educators to observe good practices in Sweden, trains them through a workshop on father involvement organized by Gothenburg university and enlarge early childhood educators vision of father involement through visiting different early childhood settings and their father involvement activities. Two intellectual outputs developed during the project will be prepared in English but they also be translated into Turkish, Dutch and Swedish to increase the people who can benefit from the outputs. These intellectual outputs will be presented through project web-site for the use of target population (early childhood educators, fathers, mothers and scholars interested in father involvement). Expected impacts of the project includes, increasing early childhood educators competence of including fathers into early childhood education, increasing fathers' awareness the importance of their involvement, increasing mothers' knoaladge on their own impact on fathers' involvement, increasing father-friendliness of early childhood education and overal making the issue of father involvement in ECEP more visible in partner countiries and European Union.
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