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Let´s explore ICT 2
Start date: Aug 8, 2016, End date: Aug 7, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The ESS Secondary School has actively worked with developing work with internationalisation since the autumn of 2012. The school has come a long way already as many teachers and students have taken part in various international projects. Our goal with the internationalisation is that staff and students will become active citizens in a world that becomes more and more globalised and digitalised. Exchanges and mobilities will then play a vital part in creating co-operations and understanding between people. The ESS’ vision is that teachers, other staff and students will be conscious about, and understand those possibilities available in school with internationalisation when it comes to studies, exchanges and further training. In this project, which we see as a continuation project to Let’s Explore ICT, we wish to continue skills development within ICT for our teachers since it has been proved to be very developing for our school. We intend this project to be a continuation of the systematic developing work with ICT that is on-going at ESS. Our goal is to increase our students’ achievement through well thought out use of ICT in every teaching opportunity. In that work we educators must develop our competence within ICT and continue educate ourselves in digitalisation. The following issue is the most important question to ask: How can we improve our students’ achievements through this project?Teachers taking part in this project have great interest and commitment to take part in the project. It is the headmasters of ESS that make the final decision what teachers will be part of this project with its international competence enhancing ICT courses and seminars. The headmasters will make the selection through every teacher’s individual digital developing plan, but also by looking into every team’s digital developing plan. The teachers will also write an interest notice. Moreover, consideration will be taken to the teachers’ commitment to take part in the ESS’ internationalisation work. Every teacher appointed to the project must sign a contract where they agree to fulfil all parts of the project. The goal of the project is that the teachers will gain inspiration and knowledge to achieve even higher levels in their digital competence. Our goal with this project is to strengthen our teachers’ ability to teach in even more interesting ways. Students attending ESS need extra motivational interventions to be able to reach as good results as possible. Which we hope will be a consequence of the project. The main activities in the project are various international competence enhancing courses, but also seminars and workshops within the school’s ordinary work. Those teachers taking part in the first project Let’s Explore ICT, will implement the workflow for new participants. Our aim is that this project will contribute to continuity in the development of our school which the first project has started. We have a well-established working process and therefore know that many of the parts have worked well; i.e various competence enhancing courses. In this project we intend to develop co-operations with our old project partners as well as implement some new ones. One of the international competence enhancing courses is ICT with special needs focus, as ESS is a school with special needs profile. Students’ possibilities to publishing material for feed-back is the basis for reaching high achievement in learning. Our wish is to develop our work with students’ blogs through some teachers taking part in a course “Innovate Skills in ICT”.During this project the participants will network through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wikis and eTwinning. A project blog will play a central part in our documentation, but also in spreading our work process. To gain high achievement for students who take part in the “one student – one computer” project, research has shown that publishing material made by students is an important part in learning, as feed-back can be given by many recipients. Blogs and other digital platforms have proved to be very valuable. Another part in learning in this project is to enhance one’s ability to take photographs and filming digitally. We know that our students have different ways of learning and our mission as teachers is to find the right way for each student so she/he reaches his/her full potential. The vision of this project is to improve ways of working and teaching which will promote and deepen the continued work with ICT. The wish, engagement and attitude of the teachers to actively take part in the development of the school will be promoted by continued competence development and further training.

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