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We intend to provide our children with the opportunity to act as citizens of Europe by setting up an investigation into the environment: the four natural elements-air,water,earth,fire-.The protection of the environment will allow the promotion of an intercultural dialogue around a common interest.Our pupils, who are the next generation of decision-makers, thus will be allowed to take the initiative to protect earth(respect for the natural open spaces, animals in danger of extition, recycling, using renewable sources of energy); to protect water (saving water, pollution, uses of water also as a source of energy); to protect air (air pollution and noise pollution, clean air and uses of trees, the difference between using renewable and focil fules); to protect fire (the sun as our primary source of energy, preventing trees burning, obtaining energy from rocks and minerals).During this project, the pupils will get to know the national cultures and concerns of the partner schools and start to learn their languages beyond English, the main language of communication.Through the use of email, CD-Rom and Power Point Presentation, we will be able to compare cross-national concerns and solutions about environment and four natural elements.

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