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Let's Digitalise Youth Organisations!
Start date: May 20, 2016, End date: Oct 19, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nowadays the world is facing huge technology progress leading to effective ways for communication. However, there is still an evident knowledge gap among youth workers on how to successfully use digital communication tools in their work. Therefore, youth organisations from Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Italy, and Latvia have united for this project, which aims to solve outdated communication within youth organisations and make their work more effective through the use of innovative digital tools. “Let’s Digitalise Youth Organisations” is an intense & practical training course for youth workers, which will be hosted in Lithuania on June 04-09, 2016. 27 motivated youth workers that are willing to use digital tools in their work will participate in the project. Priority will be given to those from disadvantaged backgrounds and with fewer opportunities. The main goal of the project is to grow digital communication professionals, who could effectively communicate with youth and help NGOs be more visible in EU. To reach it, the main objectives of the project are: (1) teach youth workers how to effectively use digital communication tools in youth organisations (YOs); (2) develop new ideas for better digital communication in YOs; (3) share the knowledge how to reach a clear and appealing image of a YOs through digital tools; (4) set the most effective ways for cooperation between YOs through digital tools; (5) connect digital tool theoretical and practical learning methods through NFE methods. At the same time the project intends to promote the concept of effective digital communication amongst youth workers and young people in Europe as well as the general public. In the long run this would ensure a positive impact on youth organizations in Europe as more young people would be reached by successful digital communication, which is currently a major problem for small NGOs. The project also aims to help the participants grow professionally, keep them active, involve them in multi-cultural discussions, develop a number of skills and competences, and create partnerships across Europe.In order to achieve these objectives, a range of NFE methods developed by all the partner organizations will be employed. Main activities will identify benefits of digital communication, teach the competences needed, and create the means of spreading information about the concept to the public. Involvement, creativity and initiative of all the participants will be encouraged throughout the activities, which will include: 1) interactive workshops on different digital communication tools, 2) digital tools usage practice in youth organisations, 3) discussions in non-formal environment, 4) meeting IT & communication professionals, 5) creative country presentations, 6) application of digital art and sport as NFE methods, 7) analyses of relevant video materials, 8) quizzes, 9) specialized group exercises, 10) digital feedbacks, self-reflections, evaluations, etc. In order to facilitate integration and co-operation of the participants (11) cultural evenings, ice-breaking and socializing activities will also be organised. Since the project goal is to reach the public and disseminate the results effectively: 11) special videos, photos, website, and an e-booklet for digital tools usage will also be created. All of this will ensure that the project would induce a positive effect on the participating youth workers, organizations and the target groups in regional, national and international levels. It is expected that participants will not only improve a number of digital skills and competences, but will also get a chance to extend their networks by meeting other youth organisation members. This would facilitate international cooperation of youth organisations. The participating organizations would also increase their knowledge on digital communication, all of which could be used in their future initiatives. At the same time, the project would help them grow internationally, increase public awareness of their actions and enhance their capacities of reaching the objectives of youth development.General public is expected to be impacted as well. The participants will share the knowledge acquired throughout the project in workshops for youth within their own countries . The participating organizations will employ digital tools,social media, blogs and future projects to promote the concept of effective digital tools further across EU countries. The results dissemination will be also facilitated through involvement of mass-media, spreading of videos and e-booklet prepared during the project. The project will not only teach youth workers how to successfully use digital tools for communication in their work, but will also help youth organisations across Europe reach youth easier. As a result, long-term benefits are expected to be achieved: youth organizations’ volunteering and good deeds initiatives would be easier accessible by youth.
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