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Let's Dance!
Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Let´s dance!" is a ground-breaking international youth exchange, which would take place in Luxembourg and which would work on intercultural learning of young people through dancing. This project will bring together 40 young people from Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Poland, Estonia and Italy – all united by one wish to live through a great intercultural experience, using the tool of dance as the main way of exchange. Through dancing one can perfectly show your the emotions and it is a perfect way of self expression. Dancing is a type of non-verbal communication and is also using body language, which is really helpful for quick incorporating into the group, despite the language skills of the participants. They will also meet new friends from other countries, learn about their cultures and break a lot of stereotypes about them.Dance is like Europe: very diverse, and full of different traditions, but at the same time, it has many similarities from one dance style to another, and what is the most important – it unites people, and brings them together.Throughout the whole history of human being, dance has always took an important part in the lives of every nation. It has been an important part of ceremony, rituals, celebration and entertainment since the birth of earliest civilizations. It was an important part of culture of every nation, and depending on the location, environment, and traditions it was gaining its various styles.This youth exchange is aimed to use the dance as a tool to lead young people through the exciting intercultural experience. During the planned workshops, organised by youth leaders, an experienced choreographers (dance teachers, organisers of GC Battle festival etc...) and with the help of young people themselves, the participants will get basic knowledge of existing dance styles, history of dance, similarities and differences in folk dances, will be able to compare the typical dances of their countries, of course practicing them themselves, as well as various styles, and all that will result in one dance performance that will be shown in a form of a flash mob to the public, and we will prepare a video with the presentation of this project that will be served as a dissemination tool afterwards. The key aspect that will go as a red line throughout the project will a "Europen Move" that young people will think of themselves, and the idea is to spread it and to make go viral through the Internet (similar to the example of the video "Where the hell is Matt?" that used to be highly popular. Young people will spread through this the message of European values and its notion of all different, all equal. The project will develop the creativity, the innovation and the expression of the young people as well as it will allow to discover and to investigate the similarities and the differences between the cultures and also through that will help to contribute to the fight against the prejudices and the stereotypes.Diversity is a fundamental aspect of all societies that concerns differences between individuals and differences between groups. The existence of multiple identities, values, cultures and faiths within a society challenges individuals and groups to cultivate mutual understanding in order to engage in cooperative interaction and experience cultural enrichment. Without mutual understanding, differences may generate conflicts that, when managed with violence, lead to considerable violations of fundamental human rights. We, the youngsters, have to decide whether they will let the differences around us to be continued or we are going to be promoters of self-belonging in this new enlarged Europe in a society, in which every individual, of whatever racial or ethnic origin, is able to fulfil his or her potential through enjoying equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities. We want to find our place in this Europe, to be active, and realize our hope of young European citizens.

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