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Start date: Sep 29, 2014, End date: Sep 28, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "LET's BUILD TOGETHER THE FUTURE" is initiated by a VET consortium consisting of 3 technical colleges of the West region, coordinated by Colegiul Tehnic Ion Mincu Timisoara, applicant. The members of the consortium are Colegiul Tehnic Henri Coanda Timisoara and Colegiul Tehnic Transilvania Deva. Both the consortium and the project have emerged of the need of change and differentiation, the need to attract youth towards technical education by a high quality of the formation and to offer our students a valid alternative for their practical training and for better chances in career and employability. The objectives of the project are: O1.Development of competences, skills and knowledge of the target group, future Technicians in the their field of training in countries of EU and recognition on behalf of the schools they attend in order to make them competitive on the labour force market, according to the demands of the employers and increase employability. O2. Acquisition of competences by the VET staff of the partner technical colleges in order to improve the professional training of the students. O3.Development of ECVET partnerships and the construction of durable national VET consortiums in view of facilitating geographical and professional mobility and increasing the employability of the young Europeans. The group of participants consists of 161 VET trainees: - 146 students of the superior cycle of high school, qualifications Telecommunication technician + IT Technician, 86 the XII grade and 60 the XI grade -15 students of the inferior high school cycle, X grade, general training domain Constructions and public works and Manufacturing of wooden products who will carry out practical traineeships of 3 weeks in Germany, Portugal and Poland. The partners are VET institutions, two training centres CKP and ZAW and a consortium of schools in Portugal, Agrupamento de Escolas de Alcochete – AEA which have a strong VET component represented by Escola Secundaria de Alcochete. + 16 teachers, Staff VET who will carry out Job shadowing for 12 days in the VET partner institutions AEA and CKP. The project has duration of 2 years and in this interval, there will be organized 9 flows consisting of 15 traineeships + 1 flow with 26 traineeships for VET trainees: Flow1: 01.02-21.02.2015-15 students,XII grade,Telecommunication technicians at CKP, practical training 90h, M8(35h)+M9(50h) Flow2: 22.02- 14.03.2015-15 students, XII grade students,Telecommunication technicians at CKP, practical training 90h, M8(35h)+M9(50h) Flux 3:22.03.-11.04.2015 -15students, XII grade, IT Technician at AEA, practical training -90h,M8(35h)+M9(50h) Flux4: 22.03-11.04.2015-15 students, XII grade, IT Technician at CKP, practical training-90h,M8(35h)+M9(50h) Flux5: 10.05-30.05.2015 -15 students, XI grade, IT Technician at ZAW , practical training-90h,M9(90h) Flux 6: 10.05-30.05.2015 -15 students, XI grade, Telecommunication technician at CKP , practical training.-90h ,M9(90h) Flux 7: 07.06- 27.06.2015 -15 students,X grade, domain Constructions (7 students) + Manufacturing wooden products ( 8 students) at CKP-90h-CDL Flux8: 25.10-14.11.2015 -15 students, XI grade, telecommunication technician (6) + IT technician (9) at AEA, 90 h of practical training. Flux9: 15.11-05.12.2015 - 15students, XI grade, Telecommunication technician 10)+IT technician (5)at AEA ,90h practical training -M9(90h) Flux 10: 31.01-20.02.2016 -26 students, XII grade,Telecommunication technician (14) + IT technician (12) at CKP, 90h of practical training, M8(35h)+M9(50h) M8: Transmission media + M9Detection of defects- Telecommunication technician - XII grade M8: IT maintenance + M9Detection of defects - IT technician, XII grade. M9: Electronical circuits, XI grade CDL-" Construction of wall furniture” CDL- “Modern technologies for finishing works” The traineeships are part of the compulsory formation of the students and through the topics they embrace, they will help the students develop competences specific to the workplace, which will be assessed in an educational system different from the Romanian one, transferred and recognized , included in the qualification at home, all under the umbrella of transnational ECVET partnerships concluded between the applicant and the partners in Portugal, Poland and Germany, for 4 years and officialised by MoU. The teachers, the theme is specific to their field of specialization. Results expected: technological high school graduates with relevant work experience,good professional competences in their field of training, social and personal essential in a the society of knowledge to meet the needs of the labour market and to significantly improve the transition capacity to a work place and professional insertion. Sustainability is ensured by the valorisation of the educational support materials elaborated in the project and the experiences acquired in implementing ECVET through a new project.
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