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Let's Break The Ice With School
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Summary In our world, which there is no boundary and all nations go through a common life, education is an absolute necessity and requirement.With the development of countries, the need for qualified workforce is increasing considerably both in our region and all over the world. On the other hand, the enrollment rate (continuity) is decreasing. Because of the different reasons, students leave school early or they can’t complete their education.Among these reasons; school-related problems (teachers attitudes, the school's socio-cultural and physical structure), students sourced-individual issues (academic failure, chronic absenteesim, impulsive behavior and health problems), environmental issues (geographic, family problems and peer factors), economic issues are included.There are various studies for school attendence not only in our counrty but also in EU countries.For example, the decline in the rate of early school leaving from 15 % to 10% is aimed in EU Commision’s 2020 strategy.In addition, "Come on Girls to School"project carried out by Ministry of Education and the study of ' Determining The Demographic, Social And Economic Factors That Leads To Early School Leaving In Primary Schools' supported by TUBİTAK are available. Education audience makes a big effort to overcome this problem entirely.In this manner, we believe that this issue requires analysing profoundly and resolving fully.We aim to deal with this problem in the light of scientific methods and data such as questionnaires applied to students, teachers and administrators, scales for students, evaluation reports from counseling service in accordance with the principle of confidentiality. The information collected was converted to numerical data.The percentiges of the problems were calculated.Giving piority to the most common issues related to each other and making use of earlier studies and using brainstorm technique, the elimination of barriers were formed, studies were planned. We aim to incease the participation of the students in academic activities( providing students and teachers with technological facilities fully)sports activities (organizing chess, table tennis, volleyball and football tourna), socio-cultural activities (career days, college trips, poetry, debate, essay contests, making up picture- music corners in school).While achieving these goals, formal and informal processes are carried out together.We direct the students that have different interests and talents to the courses opened by public education center like music and computer. We also attempt to improve students’ performances in all activities by getting advantage of multilingual technological opportunities and getting baisc skills. Our participants are students, teachers and other staffs from all partner schools.12 participants,2 teachers from each partner school will take part in transnational meetings, 96 participants,2 teachers and 2 students from each partner school will take part in learning/teaching/ training acitivities and 6 contact persons will take part in multipler events.The students will be chosen among students who are motivated to work in accordance with project objectives, extroverted and interested in the project.We are also planning working with all the relevant and competent public institutions and agencies, non-governmental organizations while carrying out the project. Our project's background is based on identifiying the students that tend to leave school early, providing all students with education in line with their own intelligence type and capabilites, make them realize and develop their potential and then perform them.
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