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"Let's Be Active! Tools be effective in our local community
Start date: Dec 1, 2010,

" Let's Be Active! Tools to be effective in our local community" aims at increasing the organizations' management capacity in projects between EU and SEE countries by offering the participants advanced tools and new contacts. We want to increase the cooperation between youth organizations from EU countries and youth organizations from SEE countries augmenting their capability of managing projects. The need to realize a training course of this kind comes from the analysis on the management of the youth projects. A lot of projects start from very good ideas and have very good purposes and objectives but most of the times they don't reach their goal because of misleading planning and administration, or simply plenty of enthusiasm but lack of knowledge and experience. Focus will be put on Youth in Action projects but the basic "rules" will be applicable to every kind of projects. The acquisition of such competences will be useful for young people to apply it in their life and work, especially in a period in which unemployment has reached incredibly high numbers. The promotion of a tool like the Youthpass, to recognize these competences, will also be a key point. A general overview will be given and in detail all the steps in project planning, implementation and follow up will be analyzed. Financial management will be also an important part of the program. It's addressed to youth leaders and youth workers and aims to provide them with skills and competences to apply and manage projects that meet the needs of their NGO and of their local community. We will focus both on the realization of projects at local level, and at international level creating coperation between EU and SEE countries, and the special tools that exist for this. Non formal education is the methodology on which the training course is based. Examples and best practices will be analyzed, simulations and role plays will be used as educational tools. The project will be also an opportunity to build a network among organizations active in the youth field, to exchange experiences and make new contacts. The mix of cultures will facilitate intercultural dialogue and understanding.
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