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Let's Act Against Violence
Start date: Jan 4, 2016, End date: Aug 3, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The content and aims of the project: We have prepared for each day of continuing violence increased in the world and in our country and we want to create an awareness of violence issues in the partner countries. We will try to provide solutions what the people cause to violence to prevent violence in our project activities.To be the voice of the victims of violence in the community, we want to show the seriousness of this ordinary event. We aim to develop our projects participants to be healthy as members of the community. Making activities for young people with different backgrounds from different countries, we want to break preconceptions. We aim to create a European citizenship and European awareness. We will ensure the recognition of cultural diversity and respect for the diversity of people with project activitiesPartner Countries and the participants: Azerbaijan , Macedonia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Latvia and Turkey. Group leaders from partner countries including each 6 participants will take part in our project. The host and coordinator position which is Young Voices of Kastamonu total of 10 participants will be involved in the project. 40 participants who will be included in our project and there will not be an age limit for group leaders. The age for the teens will be 18 to 25. Participants will have at least an intermediate level of English speaking skills. Gender equality will be in the group. Participants will also be among the participants in disadvantaged areas of society.Description of Activities: Violence will be the main theme of our project in which all the participants will actively take part. To reach the goals and objectives of our project all the measures will be taken by host organisation Young Voices of Kastamonu primarily. We will be in contact with our partners in every stage of our project and will be responsible for healthy communication. On the initial day we will perform activities to break the bariers and integrate 40 youngsters who don't know eachother. In these activites importance of being a team will be emphasized. We will arrange activities for participants to know each other quickly and organize intercultural events to raise intercultural awareness. Various methods will be used in order not to bore participants. For disseminating the project results ther will be task sharing between partners. To promote our project at local level we will visit local institutions. At the end of the project an e-booklet for preventing violence will be prepared.Methodolgy: We will use non-formal learning techniques in project activities. Learner centered non-formal techniques will be applied begining with icebreakers and name learning activities on the initial sessions of the project till the dissemination process. Thus the participants will be focused and will actively participate to the activities. Moreover we will arrange multi-cultural groups and organize workshops, indoor-outdoor activities, question-answer sessions, presentations etc. To raise intercultural awareness and show each participants culture we will organize cultural promotional events every evening. Results: At the end of the project with the theme of violence we prepared we aim to raise awareness in participants and direct or indirect benefactors of the project. There will be a decrase in number of news about violance that we watch everday as if we were watching a horror movie. Applying a project about violence especially in a relatively small city like Kastamonu will create a big impact. The e-booklet that we will prepare as an outcome of the project will be sent to related institutions and NGOs to encourage them to take some steps to prevent violance. Participant yougnsters will learn the aspects of Eurpeanism and active citizenship and they will overcome their prejudice. Participants will improve personally and socially and they will be active citizens in society. The participants will become willing to take part in further project activities in different areas and they will help more people to benefit from EU opportunities.

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