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Start date: Aug 1, 2009,

For 9 days 35 youngsters from SEE and EU, belonging to different backgrounds, different cultures and different realities shall get together to explore and experience the difference in opinions regarding topics such as sexual education, gender equality and sexual transmitted disease. This multilateral youth exchange shall promote and raise awareness about these sensitive issues especially in SEE but in collaboration with EU culture,, and shall give to youngster's possibility to break their "walls" and express opinions freely. We are sure that by comparing ideas, sharing and learning through non formal education, will help youngsters to get more aware of the different sexual transmitted disease that they risk in case they are not informed about the topic. In order to give more incentives to the topic we shall introduce in the program the gender equality topic at same time. Considering it as important as the sexual education and information, we believe that both topics combined together give a more complete picture. When we say this we have in mind realities of Balkan countries and also some certain social levels in different communities across Europe.
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