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Lessons from Nature: innovation towards teaching and learning for a green economy and society
Start date: Dec 1, 2010,

We live in an unsustainable world. Pressure on natural resources to drive the European economy is increasing year on year. We cannot continue to meet the needs and aspirations of Europe without significant changes to the way we live and consume. There is a need to promote learning that will change the way we design our economies, businesses and products. LfN (Lessons from nature) takes a unique approach to addressing this need.Nature is inherently sustainable: it recycles waste efficiently, uses renewable power from the sun, is resilient to sudden changes, adaptable over time to new conditions, and self regulates through feedback. A truly green economy and society will share the same characteristics. Such approaches are being pioneered by businesses e.g. Interface, Nike, Wal-Mart, evidencing a real need for this approach to learning.The overall result of LfN will be more teachers and students engaged in learning for a sustainable future, applying their learning to addressing real life issues and developing skills relevant to careers in the green economy and society. Qualitatively more students will be more highly motivated and have the skills to contribute to the green economy and society, and more teachers will have the skills, resources and confidence to teach sustainable development. To achieve our goals we will develop:- Learning frameworks to show how LfN improves learning and develops transversal skills;- Learning modules containing activities and teachers notes;- Good practice guide to evaluating LfN;- Shared criteria for successful outdoor learning; and- Training for teachers with a focus on team based learning and critical thinking skills.Our consortium comprises organisations respected in their own countries in the education field, and with expertise in LOtC and sustainable development. We shall work in six countries reaching 180 secondary schools, 600 teachers and 7500 students. This is the minimum and we expect the final uptake to be far more.
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