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Less is more
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project 'Less is more' provides the opportunity to the employees of MPI Oosterlo in Geel to learn from the NGO ‘Regional Society for Support of People with Intellectual Disabilities’ (RSSPID) in Vidin, Bulgaria. During a visit to the NGO the strength and determination of the organization to foster the rights of persons with disabilities stood out. In particular the right to quality of life and taking responsibility over their own live are values pursued to the fullest. The results achieved by the NGO are realized in a social context where few resources are available. This is something our employees and our organization can benefit from in a context of increasingly limited resources. The project objectives: The purpose is to acquire additional methods to achieve self-direction for people with intellectual disabilities, specifically for people with additional complex behavioral and emotional disorders. In the organization of daytime activities and the organization of residential support for this group (young adults with intellectual disabilities and in addition severe emotional and behavioral disorders) we want to investigate additional proactive methods to maintain quality of life and to promote inclusion, without additional resources. Finally, we want to ensure that a number of objectives in our national and regional policyplan, outlined in "perspectiefplan 2020", are translated into concrete and sustainable practices for the employees of our organization. Priorities are: to achieve more with the same resources, self-control in the hands of the resident and care level guarantee for the most complex support issues. Two employees and an executive, both experienced experts on this topic, are tasked with the redaction of the learning objectives they want to achieve. First, they will visit the NGO and bring their experiences back home to use all the gained knowledge in MPI Oosterlo in Geel. A few months later they will travel back tot RSSPID in Bulgaria with adjusted learning objectives and a training module that will be taught to the employees of RSSPID. The knowledge and experience gained are going to be transferred to the different teams of the organization. Moreover we will use our knowledge in our interactions with parents and residents of the new residential facility we are building for this special group of clients. Finally, the developed vision and knowledge will be communicated to our various networks and partnerships.

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