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Less Computer Games More Communication

Once there had been poorer but happier children playing different games in the streets… Faces glowing with happiness, hearts knowing how to share… However, nowadays this charming scene has been replaced by rooms in which robotic fingers guarantee instant happiness by the touch of a button… Our children prefer computer games rather than traditional ones in a world where communication technology has rapidly developed. Unfortunately this preference results in the disappearance of traditional games, which are our cultural heritage, at an alarming rate. Since computer games are showing a lot of violence, death and war, innocent hearts are becoming the victims of violence. Naturally, communication with the outside world breaks down. We do not want our traditional games that teach us peace and harmony to disappear. Our aim is  to keep these children’s games alive and to ensure they are passed on to the next generation. During the project the students will learn various cultures, ideas, improve their foreign language and communication among cultures will be established. The students will play an active role in the implementation and evaluation stages by applying the questionnaires, making interviews and playing the games. As the end product of the project, a cd, website, wall papers, child games booklet and evaluation report will be prepared .
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