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Lesarski tehniki in tehniki varovanja v akciji 2016/2017
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Wood technicians and security technicians in action 2016/2017 is a project of School Centre Ljubljana which, with the help of a coordinator, engages two schools: Secondary School for Woodworking and Secondary School for Mechanics and Chemistry. We wish to enable 8 students an upgrade and expansion of their professional knowledge as well as give them a chance to acquire soft skills which are nowadays more important than ever before. We live in the time of globalization and the need for cross-cultural cooperation, understanding (not just the language but also the culture) and reciprocal tolerance is growing every day. We wish to provide equal opportunities for all students of School Centre Ljubljana. Students should go abroad to get new experience and bring back plenty of fresh ideas and knowledge. At the same time we are well aware of the importance of lifelong learning of the employees which mirrors the quality of work of the whole institution.We would like to give students a chance to stay in Finland for a fortnight at our partner school Tampere Vocational College Tredu where they will attend theoretical and practical classes (wood technicians in workshops and companies and safety technicians specialized classrooms for simulative situations of their future profession). At the same time students will also increase their confidence in using a foreign language in interactive communication and make headway in becoming independent. They will be placed in a new environment where they will have to find a way through unknown situations by themselves or with the help of new classmates/mentors. As might be expected, the students will be escorted by the employees working on this project, who will stay there for 4 days and be actively involved in the educational process.Before the departure, which is scheduled for the last week in February 2017, we will carry out a series of workshops that will actively involve all participants of the project: an English teacher, two teachers from the branch of profession, the coordinator of the project, a hispanist who also works as a coordinator for students with special needs. We will also invite guest lecturers who will help us conduct the workshops. A triple lesson will be carried out by a Slovene - Finnish translator, who is going to introduce us to Finnish culture and the basics of the Finnish language. We will host an expert who will teach us the basics of amateur filming so that the participants of the project will be able to make a short film on international experience that will be later on presented not only to classmates but also to wider public. We shall have ten lessons covering useful expressions in English and English for specific purposes (for the latter, students will be separated by their field of profession) and a double lesson on what should be taken into account before going abroad and how to prevent risk while staying across the border. The workshops and preparation will start at the beginning of the new school year 2016/2017 and will be carried out over the next months.We wish to enable wood technicians a deeper insight into those fields of interest where we are inefficient. In Finland we will take a look at sawmills, designing and selling value added products and wood engineering in building. Our future security technicians will test their skills in specialized classrooms for simulative situations which are a great way to experience everyday situations that they can anticipate in the future.We believe our project is well planned and we are conscious of the necessity to upgrade our services. We wish to improve pedagogical work of our employees and let them grow personally and professionally. Coming home will not be the end of our project. Our short film will be presented to other students and teachers who will not take part in this Erasmus+ story. Its aim is to promote our experience and benefits of mobility and most of all, to expand the interest among the students and teachers who might get involved in a similar projects in the years to come.We are starting as a new ambitious team that wants to expand its cooperation, offer our Finnish partner a return visit, look for knowledge outside our borders and show our greatest assets in exchange. We work hard on being even better and we know that the interest and respect of vocational education in Slovenia needs to soar higher. We hope to spread the word on our international experience through presentations, lectures, round tables and articles and point out key elements of good practice of a mobility project. After finishing our school, the participating students will be able to share these professional experiences with their future employers and thus boost their chances of getting a job. We also wish to take a closer insight into Finnish apprenticeship.We are well aware that joining forces leads to betterment and only cooperation and team work can help us upgrade our knowledge, work and relationships.

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