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Les pratiques professionnelles du tertiaire administratif et commercial en Europe
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 30 Nov 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Administrative and business practices in Europe is a programme which implements the techniques related to Welcoming, Management, Selling and to the New Technologies trough Europe.This programme aims at strengthening the skills and abilities of our students, who are in their last year of studies of a 3-year BTEC National at the vocational school LA RUCHE, following the European Section or a normal degree.It concerns different sections of the tertiary sector: Welcoming, Managing Administrations, Selling and Commerce.This action permits to our students, in a professional field, to adapt to the economic evolution and to perform their linguistic skills. In Aquitaine, the development of the industrial sector, of the services and of the research sector creates new employments which require a really good knowledge and a good command of foreign languages, especially English.The trainees abroad will be able to gain wider professional, specific and international dimension, while improving their mobility and adaptability. This European dimension would enable to create or strenghthen the exchanges between the people, the goods and the services within the companies and the organizations, in the geographical areas of the concerned countries.Our partner, the PARTNERSHIP INTERNATIONAL, located in Cork, Ireland, finds out the different companies and the hosts families. In relation with the teachers of the vocational school La Ruche, both parties try to consolidate the students' language and culture. Together, they negociate the different work placements and the organisation of the whole programme.Cultural activities (theatrical play in English, eTwinning projects, study of the European institutions and visit of the European Parliament, The Europe Day Celebration, cultural visits during the mobility) will help students to raise awareness of the European citizenship concept.This gives an European dimension to our vocational school and permits to link together the management, the teaching team, the educational team and all the students (trainees and others). The diffusion of the project ( posters, websites, exhibitions in our documentation centre) will enhance the achieved work and will contribute to deepen the links with our partners.The 4-week work experience, from 25th September to 20th October 2017 will develop the students' skills in all fields, according to the objectives of their training courses.This work experience will be validated by a EUROPRO attestation and a EUROPASS MOBILITY is taken into account to get the BTEC National with a specific « European Section » distinction on the diploma and the optional exam of mobility. The project will be permanently evaluated (by the tutors, the families, the teachers and the trainees) at each step of the process. Regular assessments will be achieved each week and written in specific forms created by the teaching team. The goal is still to make sure that everything is going well and if necessary, to solve any potential problems.Finally, the work experience will be evaluated in the workplace by a teacher and the tutor, on an academic and official assessment grid.After this European experience, the teachers will analyse and broadcast the conclusions of the project at a regional and national level. Our project benefits from the support of the Regional Council and of the partner companies.
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