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Les Pionniers du Savoir Vert
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Lycée Technique Agricole (LTA) is the only secondary school in Luxembourg to provide schooling in the environmental domains of farming, forestry and environmental management, and horticulture, and we are proud of our rich experience in exchanges with other European countries. Thus, training periods and courses are scheduled in the context of the ERASMUS+ programme for 2015 and 2016, targeting students and teachers alike. A six-week training period in another European country is, therefore, a mandatory requirement in the students’ new vocational syllabus. Experience, a boost in competences and increased open-mindedness will be among the benefits for young people that get the chance to work abroad in a professional environment. As agricultural, forestry and horticultural areas are limited in Luxembourg, and as there is reduced variety in methods of production and cultivation, it is crucial for students and teachers to be able to do courses or training periods abroad. Aspects of nature conservation and management of natural resources such as soil, water, or landscapes are to be part and parcel of all training. It is, indeed, important to learn from the ways in which other countries manage their natural resources and raise environmental awareness among their populations. In the course of their stay abroad, the students of the three departments (i.e. agricultural, horticultural, forestry and environment) of the LTA, that is 124 students (aged sixteen to nineteen) all in all for 2015 and 2016, will learn new work techniques and widen their professional horizons. As the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union challenges farmers to diversify their production more and more, and to keep up with new developments, the training periods are an ideal means to discover production methods that do not exist, or no longer exist, in Luxembourg. On a more general level, our strategy is to develop our students’ linguistic competences, promote socio-cultural exchanges and boost the students’ ability to manage their lives independently, as competent and autonomous young people have higher chances of success on the European labour market. Teachers will also undergo training in the context of the project, either by participating in job-shadowing situations or by taking courses in their specific domain of teaching. The teachers in charge of the LTA’s Office des Stages as well as the students’ mentors will make sure that all problems likely to arise in the context of producing applications and CVs, of finding ideal training places and accommodation will be dealt with satisfactorily. As both the members of the Office des Stages and the individual students’ mentors are in permanent contact with the supervisors abroad, monitoring of all training will be highly organized and intensive. During the students’ stay abroad, they will be visited by a member of the LTA community to promote optimal exchange between all partners involved in the project. An evaluation form and a training certificate to be filled in by the local supervisor, as well as a report to be written by the students themselves will constitute the backbone of the feedback to be provided on the students’ stay abroad. The ERASMUS+ programme will boost the teachers’ motivation to participate in professional training in their speciality, either by attending in-service training sessions at specific institutes, or conferences, or by taking part in visits to horticultural businesses, nature parks and reserves, farms or specialised institutes. Well-trained teachers will be able to provide state-of-the-art schooling. The expected short- and long-term effects are the continued development of the LTA’s European activities, the promotion of students’ and teachers’ competences alike, as well as the fostering of a school community that feels equal to tackling the challenges of the environmental sector. To sum up, the experiences of the last twenty years make us feel highly confident that we will be able to meet the targets of our ERASMUS+ project.

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