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Les papilles trotteuses en Europe
Start date: Jun 30, 2016, End date: Jun 29, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This Project is part of our establishment objective to open a European section in English in a first step and a section in Spanish in a second.Our project aims to enhance vocational trainings that are usually poorly considered in offering an added value thanks to an international openess. At a time when finding a job can be a great challenge for many people, international mobility can offer more opportunity and be definitively a plus.Improving skills in foreign languages has evolved and it now also includes intercultural management. Feeling of European citizenship has considerably increased. Being aware of other cultures, learning or improving skills in foreign languages is definitively part of students or professional mobility. Students’mobility participates in building European citizenship.International mobility can't be played down it is particularly interesting in terms of communication with people from other cultures.It is acculturation that is an essential aspect that can allow our learners to adapt to foreign countries at a faster pace, beyond language learning. This opening on other countries should be part of the curriculum alongside with the experience of travelling. We consider it is essential to offer our learners to live an enriching experience abroad and to improve professional and personal skills that would be a springboard for their future.Pupils concerned are undergoing the second year of a BTEC National (STHR), there are 21 pupils and the second year of a GNVQ Advanced (baccalauréat professionnel) in cooking, there are 10 in this class. We do not know the precise number of pupils for each class for next year. The pupils are aged from 16 to 18.Most of them have already experienced school failure, while learning a work they discover the pleasure to learn. The training we offer to help the pupils to be more confident in themselves and in their ability to succeed. The project will help them to understand that their skills can be recognized outside of school and can help them find jobs all around the world. TThe pupils activity will mainly be oriented toward cooking --heart of their future job. Pupils in STHR will follow cooking and service courses. These classes will allow them to discover new cooking techniques, new food and ingredients while improving their language skills.To succeed, this project will be based on the steering committee that defines the actions to take, schedules actions and actors. It participates in setting up the actions with the help of the stakeholders of the project. The project is conducted with experienced partners in European programs managing. A charter of mobility will be signed up by all stakeholders. It will define our expectations regarding learning process and interpersonal skills of our pupils. This project will involve the pupils' family and everyone role and responsibility will be stated. Formative assessment will be planned to check that the objectives targeted are reached --before, during and after the project. These evaluations will be based on three major skills we want to improve for our pupils: language skills, know-how and interpersonal skills.The project will have a strong and immediate impact on interpersonal skills and their ability to accept others differences. Thanks to mobility, our pupils will learn to coexist in a multicultural society. It will also have an impact on their motivation and will reduce absenteeism in giving them an objective : being part of the project. As a consequence it will also impact other pupils, who haven't been part of the project yet but will arouse enthusiasm to be part of a project too while listening to their mates’ experience.This project will also impact our pedagogical team and will offer them a new dynamic for their teaching techniques and for their future projects.On a long-term basis, we wish that such projects will be part of our pupils’ scholarship, and that each of them can get the chance to travel abroad. Such projects will allow our pupils to differentiate and to make the difference when they will hunt for a job. Professional mobility is definitely a major asset. Our pupils will be opened to the world, with actual personal and communicating skills, being more adaptable.Cooking is an almost universal language. It is a mean to communicate and a way to create new links in discovering a country through its culinary culture, its tastes and colors, its dishes, its gourmet products and its lands and local traditions rich in flavor.

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