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Les jeunes et la fête, entre joies et dérives
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BACKGROUND We are part of the Scouts, a youth movement that promotes and highlights certain values (including the respect and acceptance of others, discovery and respect for nature, solidarity, etc.). These values are passed to young people through their leaders through various activities. Pioneers, section consisting of children from 16 to 18 years, one of the objectives of the year and to create and to fabricate a camp project. This year, young people have decided to participate in an original adventure: they would go to a country from the east (they know little, or not at all), which happens to be Moldova, and share with youth there experiences, discussions, moments full of all kinds. They start with the aim to discuss and participate in activities related to a selected theme, precise, particularly in relation to their age: "Young people and parties, between joy and excesses." Our partner, CREATORII offers a set of youth from disadvantaged neighborhoods to participate in various projects, whose center the use of technical video and photography. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this trip is to carry out the project thought, full cooperation with our partner. Through this project, we want to meet several objectives: * A human goal: to meet the other. * A cultural objective: to discover a new country and culture of its inhabitants. * A reflective lens ?? : Debate with Moldovan youth on a theme common problem and try together to propose solutions. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS For the realization of this project, the group will consist of Belgian and Moldovan, the 2 sexes and aged between 16 and 29 years old. Other external people (locals and Moldovan residents of all ages and sexes 2) the project will also play an important role in the realization of the vox. DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES The project is in several pieces, part of a whole. * Youth Survey have a varied questionnaire on the topic and propose this survey passersby to the Moldovan capital (Chisinau). * Young will share their views on the theme explored through various activities (evening Belgian, Moldovan day, more formal exchanges of times, etc.). * Young people realize together an educational mini-movie to issues related to holidays. METHODOLOGY The method chosen is the film. We will film most activities experienced in groups and choose among these images, more suited to the theme and realize a movie that will air around us. IMPACTS * Local: launch the EU's desire to discover in our unit, inform young people of unity, our partner and our surroundings on the similarities and differences about holidays in our countries, young people aware of unity, our partner and our surroundings to excesses and excesses at parties via our production. * Regional: during meetings / regional revenue Scout, use our production to raise awareness of the abuses and excesses of the parties in our youth movement (during training, meetings, dinners, ...). * National: share our experience with other groups organized by the Belgian Scouts Association, distribute our production at national Scout events / training / information during CREATORII events: training / information. * International: set up a trade "round trip" where Moldovans in turn could come home. RESULTS The expected result is a video of this experience, reflecting all lived activities (both human, and cultural, as reflexive and intellectual). LONG-TERM BENEFITS We hope that this human adventure, cultural, intellectual and reflexive will hit all members of the group and will impact the way we live and celebrate certain events, approaching strangers to approach people with points views different from ours. A long term and on a larger scale, we hope that this experience will also affect other members of our unit, large and small, but also our friends and family, the return we will give them their desire to live a similar experience . This project is a great place in the education of today's youth. Through this experience, many values will be transmitted to them and hope they retain the best, much.
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