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Les jeunes aquitains s'engagent - OUR LIFE 21 - la Vie en 2050
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Mar 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

With the project of structured dialogue on youth Les jeunes aquitains s'engagent (JAE) - OUR LIFE 21 - la Vie en 2050 (the youth of the aquitaine region engage– OUR LIFE 21 – life in 2050) has the goal of setting up a space of exchange and debat on climate change and society transformation, making political leaders and youth meet and to bring aquitaine youth vision/ideas to the COP 21. A steering comittee (formed by 10 young people and 6 youth workers) concerned by the state of the planet and the absence of participation/presence/listening of youth in political decisions, decided to work on bringing the youth in aquitaine propositions to the COP 21 that will take place this year from the 30th of november to the 12th of december. A steering committee will organise a gathering of youth (75 young people from teenagers associations, high school associations, councils of youth in high schools, youth associations, informal groups of young people, young people involved in non-profit, cultural, artistic, sportif actions, civic service volunteers, young people interested in the theme) to promote a reflexion about an accomplished life in 2050 (OUR LIFE 21) and exchange with polititians met before by the steering comittee present in the gathering of the 17th to 18th of october 2015. The results of the gathering will be shown in artistic productions made by the young people (video, writing pieces, theatre, work of art) and a booklet to gather their propositions (issues, problematics, solutions, perspective/creations for a an accomplished life in 2050). The results will be published on the website and presented in the associations village in COP 21 and will be sent to the polititians of the aquitaine region that were présent or not in the gathering of october and will be sent to the head of states by our life 21. The Ligue Aquitaine de l’enseignement has associate itself to the structered dialogue of the CNAJEP and was present in the 11th of April in the PROVOX action , that had the goal of debating on the recommandations of the youth conference in Riga from the 23 to the 26 of march about youth participation in political decisions (document attached). We are working together with the CNAJEP, which is the coordinator of the european structured dialogue for France, in the construction of this project. The results will be sent to the CNAJEP so that its propositions and methods of political participation of young people in " Les jeunes aquitains s'engagent - OUR LIFE 21 - la Vie en 2050" may be included in the recommandations/mesures and final report about the participation of youth in national and european political decisions.

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