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Les futurs boulangers, pâtissiers, cuisiniers, serveurs et professionnels des soins et service à la personne en marche vers une découverte professionnelle à travers l’Europe.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The professional school, recognized as a school for artistic and culinary specialities, as well as for services to the individual, intends thanks to this project to send 36 students in year twelve abroad for five weeks (as an integral part of their 22 weeks examination preparation programme). They will go to: Plymouth (England), Valencia (Spain) and Leuze en Hainaut (Belgium). After a rigorous selection process our students will be preparing for their professional diploma in the following specialities: restaurant sales and service; cooking; bakery and pastry making; support, care and service to individuals. The possibility of such a period of study abroad has attracted new students and families to our school. For them, the possibility of a period of study abroad adds value to their professional training, allows them access to a European training programme, encourages them to consider themselves European citizens, and increases their employability. The piloting team intends to help them, both by creating a group dynamic and by offering the logistical and practical help. In conformity with the programme for the Professional Diploma (baccalauréat) over three years, with our aims and objectives and our school’s mission statement (point 2: recognize the student’s achievement in his/her studies, school and professional environment; point 3: strengthen the students’ interest in arts, culture and citizenship; objective 3.3: promote the mobility of students in Europe and internationally). The objectives of our Académie (wider school district) also stipulate that we are to encourage success among all our students and prevent drop-out by offering personalized training programmes, and also to develop the European citizenship of our students.The countries targeted (Belgium, Spain, England) are suited to the needs of the students concerned since it is necessary to know the dishes and working methods,the procedures used in service to the individual in Europe, as well as competence in English and Spanish at level B1+ to succeed in the continuous assessment part of their final year examination. Throughout their period of training,they can improve their linguistic competence, acquire professional skills, discover cultural differences, develop their autonomy, their ability to travel abroad, learning about the constraints of working in another country, compare methods, working times, technics, materials and procedures. They also have the possibility of gaining extra credits for their diploma thanks to this mobility programme which is an integral part of the examination.The student can also show his certificate of work placement,the Europass mobility,a language passport to a future employer. An active piloting committee is at work in our school, made up of : the coordinating teacher, the Head Teacher, the resources manager, all the teachers principally involved in the project (teachers of Spanish, bakery and pastry-making, cookery, restaurant service and the coordinator of the department of services to the individual).The tools we use for all the members of the project : table of educational objectives, project specification, establishment charter, assessment and validation tools.Meetings with all the partners have been held during preparatory visits and the following elements have been decided: educational objectives and obligatory assessment proformas based on the defined programmes, modalities of the new mobility option in the Baccalauréat diploma, professional and everyday needs of the students, the appropriateness of the workplaces, living accommodation of the students, the costs, the accompaniment of the students by those permanently present in partnership with and continuous liaison with the project leader, the students and their parents.For the participants the initial impact will be to obtain a good mark in the mobility option of the Baccalauréat , to succeed in the professional assessment of this period of work experience and finally to obtain the diploma. Their capacity to communicate about their experience will also be very important: by sending the report to the partner school, by explaining their experience on the school’s website, the overseas work-experience blog, at the school’s open day by talking to future students, at the European work-experience day by motivating future candidates in the year below, at the moment of the award of the Mobility Europass, by talking to the press ,parents and partners. The teaching team will also help the students to pursue their studies and find suitable professional openings. Thus this experience will be profitable to the students because they will be able to prove to an employer, or at an interview for admission to another institution, that they are motivated by European opportunities in their chosen field and that they have acquired the professional skills and autonomy which will allow them to move ahead

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