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Les Euro-Hôteliers de Dumaine
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Dumaine vocational high school has been involved in European projects for more than 10 years. The purposes are: promoting civic/ citizen education and increasing the cultural knowledge of pupils through school trips, exhibitions and conferences for example. This ERASMUS+ project will make it possible for us to develop our EUROPEAN SECTION thanks to work placements in Europe THE MEMBERS: School representative: Mrs. Brigitte SABA-HASELMEIER, Headmaster Financing activity:Mrs. Lucie MERLE, Administrator Coordinator: Mrs Julie VAMBROUG Support and control: Mrs Carole PHILIPPE, Cécile BILLOUX, Audrey GAUDIN, VAMBROUG and Mr Sébastien BARTHELEMY Assessors: Mrs VAMBROUG and Mr BARTHELEMY English classes: Mrs PHILIPPE and BILLOUX THE PARTICIPANTS The participants are pupils who are in their final year of high school. For three years, They prepare a professional diploma in sales and restaurant skills or cooking within a European section.( 5 waiters and 9 chefs) These pupils who are from different social backgrounds, have chosen their future career and are motivated by their job. Their English level is usually A2 ( basic user) but working in the catering industry demands a higher level in order to communicate with customers and team members. Moreover, since they are in their final year, this project will allow them to find a job in a foreign country more easily. THEIR NEEDS The waiters or chefs prepare a diploma in our high school to work in gastronomic or michelin-star establishments as well as restaurants located in foreign countries.Their professional skills are highly recognised. They need to meet people from different cultures and communicate with them in English. Work placements abroad are a source of motivation which raise awareness about the skills of the pupils and help them become self-reliant. There are about 15% of them return to work in the establishments where they did their training period. OBJECTIVES: - Allow the pupils to communicate in a foreign language - Make it easier to find a job in the hospitality industry in the European Union - develop a European identity through cultural and professional exchanges THE EXPECTED RESULTS We have noticed that the pupils who have done a placement abroad have significantly improved their English level, they are more involved during English classes. We would also like to improve the success rate of the European section which is a tool to promote professional training in our high school. Thanks to the partners, the teachers increase their professional knowledge which is very important since during their final year the pupils must study international influence in French gastronomy. We have been working with partners in England for more than ten years and in order to open up new horizons, we have decided to work with Irish partners. We have chosen to develop close links with these establishments which is made easier thanks to MRS VAMBROUG who is from Irish. Nowadays European mobility is a major part of training. In Dumaine High School we have two classes in the European section and this is comprised of 15 students for 2015/2016 and 15 students for 2016/2017. It's important to underline that the students go back abroad to work during the summer. This extra experience is often decisive for further studies. Many students even come back to school to promote their higher studies to younger classes.
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