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Les délices de l'Europe
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

European delights. Our rural school welcomes pupils who live in a remote environment whith a very limited cultural background. Consequently, we try each year to develop culture through varied actions. The school has already got an interactive whiteboard and 10 laptops and will soon be equiped with "virtual device interface" (VDI). The teachers have decided to take advantage of these equipments to develop a project involving European partners. In this way, it will allow to work on a wider scale and help to settle a European citizenship feeling among the pupils. Moreover the use of a digital work space will create a link between school and families who will be able to follow the different activities, at home. Each teacher will take part in the project by using the skills of his own class. One of them wishes to attend a training course during summer 2015 in order to improve her English language skills and discover eTwinning. This teacher is already involved in a partnership with a Scottish class and she would like to extend it to other European schools. Back from her training course she will share her experience with her colleagues and more precisely concerning the use of eTwinning. The project will deal with food. During the first year, the partners will work on sweet food and make a "cake contest". Recipes will be exchanged and tasted. Each country will have to present a typical sweet piece of food. Reports will be made at several times in the year to make sure that activities aim for the right goal. At the end of the first year, the partners will make a detailed report and adjust the activities for the next year in accordance to the objective of the project The second year will deal with savoury food (fruit and vegetables). The aim will be to create "the partners salad". Each one will have to add its own ingredient. The partners will also work on "what is healthy food?" and will elaborate a "healthy food code". Each country will have to present a typical food element (such as cheese for France). Midterms reports will also be conducted this year. At the end of the project, a book of recipes will be created and a final report will allow to check whether the aims have been achieved or not. Through this project, pupils should normally have improved their skills in ICT and English learning. The results will be checked thanks to the A1 level and ICT assessments. Teachers will have the opportunity to discover new pedagogical and methodological approaches and draw comparisons. As a conclusion, the teachers of our school are convinced that this project will lead pupils and even their families to discover new environments and develop their curiosity and tolerance. It will also prove how important it is to learn English and to be able to use technological supplies.But apart from this, the main point will be that all these activities will lead pupils to create their own European citizen identity.
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