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Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

retail clerks The planned project’s intention was to offer our students the chance to gather intercultural competences in the course of their dual training. These experiences enabled them to face future challenges in their businesses, like in customer service where our retail clerks achieved better skills in advising Dutch customers, suppliers or business partners or in developing future cooperations or businesses in the Dutch market. The cooperation in the retail business, entitled LeeGro, aims at the exchange of 24 trainees in the second or third year of their dual training. This cooperation is supported by the Noorderpoort Groningen, BBS Wittmund and BBS I Leer and some employers of these trainees. This cooperation has been existing since the year 2007 and has even become a friendship between some of the involved participants. As a preparation the students took part in an intensive language course and an intercultural preparation on six classroom-based sessions from May to August 2015 and 2016, supported by an online e-learning platform and a final language test at its end. The test was taken online in order to avoid travelling expenses. After having passed the test the German students took part in a preparatory visit in Groningen. The Dutch students took part in a preparatory visit in Leer and Wittmund Germany. The work placement took place from 21 September – 20 October 2014 and 20 September 2015 till 18 October 2016. The trainees were supported by their teachers (German teachers supporting the Dutch in Germany and vice versa). The trainees did not only work in Groningen in the Netherlands, they also stayed there in several apartments in the urban region which enabled them to look after themselves and to increase their independency. There were also offered some leisure time facilities. At the end of the practical training the whole project got evaluated and disseminated. The Europass Certificates were handed over to the students in a ceremony with representatives of the participating schools, the employers and the local press in December 2014 and July 2015. Shipping clerks The shipping clerks passed their four weeks practical training in Genova and London in a part agency and in a ship broker's agency. They got in contact with their foreign employers through their German companies and were supported by Ms Bochmann before and during their stay. They achieved extented practical knowledge, as well as intercultural competences in the course of their activiies in the office and related institutions or port agencies. They got Europass Certificates which certified their achievements. Geriatric nurses There were five trainees as geriatric nurses who took care in the exchange with the Netherlands. The four-weeks-stay consisted of one week in a Dutch vocational college, The Alfa College in Hogeveen where the students got to know about the Dutch vocational training in theory, the following three weeks consisted of their practical training in an old peoples' home. In 2014 two trainees worked in Dutch geriatric homes, in 2015 there were three trainees. They got a good overview of the similarities and differences of the system of geriatric care in the Netherlands and Germany. During their practical training in the old peoples' homes they could develop professional competence, responsibility, as well as English and Dutch speaking skills. A concept of mutual exchange has been developed by the German and Dutch vocational colleges which initiated the exchange. Teacher's mobility The aim of the teacher's mobility was to achieve extended English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in a surrounding free from any pressure for our colleague. This was exactly what she found and enjoyed. Especially the small groups of students and the personal contact with teachers and students provided our colleague's high motivation.

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