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Legends hunt. To explore. To motivate. To cherish.
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The partnership ‘Legends hunt. To explore. To motivate. To cherish.’ has the following main objectives: -to develop and adapt the programme enhancing reading skills into the curricula of each partner school -to develop and adapt the programme of using ICT tools for production and communication in other environment than IT classes -to develop new forms of learning and teaching the English language -to stimulate and activate students with fewer opportunities through their access to high quality activities -to reinforce groupwork focused on cooperation between students -to increase the number of opportunities for professional staff development About 500 students (100 in each school),aged 6-15, and 72 teachers will work together. We plan to involve students with fewer opportunities (100 students-20/school) in our project activities. However , we expect our whole schools will benefit from the cooperation. This will be helpful to provide a high quality learning methods to all the students regardless their financial and social status, disability or educational difficulties. Both students and teachers will be engaged in each stage of the project: planning, implementation, evaluation and dissemination. They will work locally and together during two short-term exchanges of groups of pupils and two short-term joint staff training events. The project activities will be integrated into the curriculum of the schools. The participants will acquire skills in reading, ICT, foreign language learning and teaching, dancing, singing, drama, crafts and painting. They will also increase their self esteem and motivation for learning and teaching. Students will develop artistic skills as these will be the means for students to use to express their views and feelings about themselves and others. Teachers will gain insight on different educational systems, exchange ideas about pedagogical approaches, exercise languages, practice ICT skills. The project is innovative itself, because the idea of combining literature, foreign language, dance , art and ICT in one has never been accomplished before. The results will be comic books, legends books, exhibitions of the costumes, puppets, props, curtains, wall paintings, presentations, placards,the theatre play and a lipdub, methodological articles and materials. The partnership will be monitored and evaluated during the two years through meetings discussions, e-mails and periodical evaluations by means of questionnaires addressed to students, teachers and community members. Questionnaires and diaries will be used to monitor and evaluate students and teachers mobilities and trainings. The results of the partnership will be disseminated to local and wider community through a various range of tools.
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