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Legends connecting past and presents, East and West.

The project is called “Legends Connecting Past and Present, East and West”. The main aim of the project was to encourage 16-19 year olds to learn more about European culture through attracting students’ attention to the local legends as we believe that legends are an important part of our cultural heritage. While collecting these legends students found connections between the past and the present which increased their interest to their own roots. At the same time the project helped young people compare and contrast culture in different European countries. In order to do so students had to surf the Net for information, visit the library and museums, interview local people. They enhanced their language skills by translating the legends from their mother tongue into English. In Estonia they translated them from Estonian into English.They made presentations using Power Point and prepared field trips and guided legend tours themselves.The main product of the Project was an e- book of Belgian and Estonian legends with photos and students’ drawings. The book will be made available to all the participants, to the schools and to local libraries. One of the legends per group was adapted for stage and performed in Estonia at the end of the exchange.
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