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Lebenslanges Lernen und Lernmobilität durch nachhaltige Förderung der kognitiven Fähigkeiten innerhalb der schulischen Ausbildung
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

An essential core objective of the EU 2020 strategy is to reduce the share of early school and vocational training school leavers to under 10% and the increase in the proportion of 30-34 year olds who have completed a high school degree or equivalent education to at least 40 %. To achieve these objectives , creative and innovative educational approaches are needed . The proposed bilateral Strategic School Partnership (SSP ) of Claudia Agrippina private school (CAP ) from Cologne / DE with the Spanish school " Altos Colegio Macarena " ( CEIP ACM) in Sevilla / ES has the goal with the project " Lifelong learning and learning mobility by sustainable promotion of cognitive abilities within the school education " through know -how transfer and practical testing in 2 teacher and student exchange ES- DE, DE -ES (13 teachers , 30 students , 4 supervisors ) an educational concept for the sustainable use of cognitive abilities to develop teaching and learning models to test , evaluate and publish as a Open Educational Resource (OER ) in in DE / ES / ENG. The main project activities and their results are: - Establishment and implementation of project management / PM (coordination structure, communication structure with personal responsibility, administrative project management, reporting, protocols); - Establishment and implementation of quality management / QM (partner, evaluation processes internally and externally with questionnaires and interviews, information and consultation with representatives of stakeholders, Letter of Commitment / LoC ); - Development and implementation of PR and publicity (information on partner sites 5 Newsletter DE / ES / ENG , development and maintenance of a Facebook group , photo gallery, PPP externally for Presentations , 4 articles in the print media , " ProKognitiv " Alumni Pool ) - Preparation and implementation of 3 transnational project meetings for coordination, coordination and control of the quality of project processes and project results with the entire project team and the development, discussion and vote of the educational concept; - Preparation and implementation of each a 5 day exchange + 2 travel days of 8 +5 teachers (ES - DE, EN -ES ) and each 15 students + 2 supervising teachers (ES - DE, EN -ES ) for know- how transfer for practical training and expertise to increase cognitive teaching and learning methods and innovative foreign language learning; - Development of a model educational approach to the sustainable use of cognitive models of teaching and learning at school in Europe by the project team in collaboration with teachers and students of partner schools in DE and ES as well as in consultation with representatives of the stakeholders; - Dissemination of information, motivation and sustainable use of the concept in DE / ES / ENG pdf document) as OER as a download document on the websites of project partners and national and European educational platforms. Following effect on the participating teachers and students are expected to: - Growth of intercultural competence through direct exchange with the colleagues and students in the partner country, as well as direct acquaintance regional and country-specific traditions, history, culture ; - Increase in team skills through local cooperation in the SSP project team as well as the European co-operation with teachers and professionals of the SSP partner teams; - Improve language skills through the use of foreign languages (DE , ES , ENG) in communications or the preparation of technical documents and reports; - Growth of expertise on the topic: cognitive teaching and learning methods to support life-long learning mobility among students and teachers, as well as on the topic: innovative foreign language learning through active participation in the development of the European model-like concept. - Improvement of cognitive skills and linguistic competence in foreign languages (ES, DE) by direct application of cognitive learning methods and the direct communication in the foreign language in the school exchanges in DE and ES; - Improvement of interest in European and international activities, such as exchanges and joint projects. That in the SSP jointly founded exemplary educational concept for the sustainable use of cognitive teaching and learning models, including innovative foreign language learning in schools in Europe is an important approach to reducing the risk of early school leavers and increase the interest of students to higher levels of education by the promoting cognitive skills as a prerequisite for lifelong learning mobility as a core objective of European education policy.
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