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LEARNPLACE - Workplace Development for Superior SME Performance in Europe

LEARNPLACE aims to develop and implement both outline methodology & practical tools, able to empower SMEs (and micro-enterprises) in conversion of the 'workplace' into a 'learnplace'.In recent years there has been increasing interest in being known as a company where workplace policies and practices are viewed favourable by both current and prospective employees. These companies have viewed 'workplace initiatives' as a 'strategic competitive advantage'.The LEARNPLACE project will develop a 'Workplace Assessment & Development Kit' comprising the necessary instruments for SMEs to identify issues and implement change within the workplace. The kit will be produced in CD-Rom format and be available in all partner languages (IT, EN, ES, PT & HU).A further, module is to be developed, aimed particularly at Training Consultants (similar partner languages), to further support the implementation process within SMEs. Through informing these professionals in being able to recognise areas for change, it is proposed that they will feel naturally able to promote and support change within individual SME client environments.A dedicated project website will be also developed and two international conferences held to enable fuller dissemination of 'learnplace' products and results.
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