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Learning with ICT use
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Appropriate level of concentration is crucial for the effective assimilation of knowledge, therefore, the development of tools to support the maintenance of a high level of concentration will increase the efficiency of learning. Because each person has a unique rhythm of learning, it is important to develop tools to help to maintain high level of concentration, and which will be tailored to the individual learning rhythm of given person. Common problems students face during their studies include how to study effectively, coping with the amount of reading , how to manage their time, avoiding procrastination and distractions, and improving their concentration. The ability to focus the mind is one of the most important abilities one should possess. An important factor in being able to complete any task relates to one’s ability to concentrate on that task. Such a task, in case of students, is to learn given subject effectively. The main objective of the project is to create a set of tools that will help to increase the effectiveness of learning by supporting the high level of concentration in a manner adapted to the individualized rhythm of learning. At the moment the staff at WSEI in Lublin conducts a series of research on the impact of external stimuli to maintenance of the high or constant level of concentration. As part of these studies, so-called Learning Lab (LL) has been created. In this Learning Lab students learn mathematics from popular Khan Academy environment, and the learning process is monitored by special hardware and software developed by the staff of WSEI. Properly prepared software and hardware (basing on the simple EEG environment) record loss of concentration of students participating in the learning session during this session. Some of the participants also receive audio signals (random for the control group or connected with the low level of concentration). The devices in the Learning Lab record the impact of stimuli on the level of concentration. Thanks to research planned in the frames of the LEARNIT project, functionality of the Learning Lab will be tested and improved, also all necessary components of the Learning Lab will be refined. Learning Lab, created and tested under the project, will be used to determine individual learning rhythm of given person participating in the study session, and to find out what is the impact of an external stimulus to the level of concentration of this person. Research conducted in the Learning Lab and the results of these research, will be used to develop a system / software which will be able to prepare a software for mobile devices (phones, tablets) which will give recommendations for the prevention of falls of concentration during the learning session for the given person, based on individual results obtained by a particular person during a session in the Learning Lab. Based on calculations made after gathering data from sessions of given person in Learning Lab, software will emit sound stimuli in the average moments when level of concentration of given person drops. Thanks to this personalized system of recommendations, learner will be able to organize their learning (on their own, even at home), so that to assimilate knowledge in the most efficient way. What do we plan to create? As a result of the project it is planned to develop: • Publication containing information about the type of equipment and methodology necessary to create a Learning Lab in any given organization. This document will also contain information about effectiveness of learning with usage of Learning Lab, problems that have arisen during sessions in Learning Lab, and many other information gathered during implementation of the project. • Software, which may be used to conduct research in the Learning Lab by any organization wishing to create a Learning Lab. Software will record data during individual sessions of each student in Learning Lab. These data will be then used by researchers working under the framework of the project to develop software for mobile devices. After the project, data of given person from the sessions in Learning Lab will be uploaded into the software for mobile devices. • Software, which will be ready to be installed in the mobile devices (tablets, phones). This software can be used to developed personalized recommendations for each person who will be tested in Learning Lab. Based on information recorded during learning sessions of given person in Learning Lab, software will prepare information about the rhythm of learning of this person, and recommendation on how this person should organize his/her learning, so that it is as effective as possible.
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