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Learning with all senses

The project “Learning with all senses” was completed by six schools, which teach children with physical and intellectual disabilities, children with difficulties in learning or include them into the learning process. Our intention was to gather and bond the diverse successful teaching expertise by presenting, sharing and adapting pedagogical methods. We used the first year to experience and master several teaching methods in each school. In the second year we took benefit from the positive experience of each partner by taking one/ some successful teaching methods which we used in other partner schools, with the necessary adjustments. Becoming aware of all their senses was an important goal for educating our students. We enabled this by choosing related topics and using them to touch several areas of the curriculum (language arts, music, arts, health education). Each school focussed on the most successful teaching methods, as we aimed to reach better and more specialized education for children with additional learning needs. In this way we raised the level of expertise of our teaching staff and increased the tendency for cooperation and partnerships as ways of reaching diversity and innovation in teaching.Another part of the project referred to spreading the knowledge beyond the partner schools, as we created materials gathering the good practice of the whole project .These materials will become available for other special schools, or schools including children with additional learning needs.The project theme enabled teachers to study, experience and learn new teaching methods, adapt them and use them in their specific activities with pupils with additional support needs. The project allowed partners from different European countries and cultures to fully benefit from the educational experiences mastered and exchanged.

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