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Learning towards Access to Land
Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main subject of this Erasmus + program is the topic of Access to Land (A2L). Recently, local family farms and community supported agriculture schemes (CSAs) are developing in Europe as they are gaining broader support from consumers, citizens, civic organizations and local authorities. Such farms have often many benefits: they provide local and healthy food; they contribute to the environmental protection; they often create new jobs opportunities; and they are often multifunctional and pluriactive farms, which reinforces their economic sustainability and the vitality and viability of rural areas. It is therefore essential to support agricultural land use in connection with land tenure security in a comprehensive way. One obstacle to support local family farms and community supported agriculture (CSAs) is that such farms are often unable to compete successfully with bigger farms in gaining access to sufficient land. Small family farmers often struggling to find available agricultural land for affordable price and ensure the land tenancy security. The main objectives are:- To connect and to consolidate emerging organisations facilitating access to land (A2L) in the Czech Republic, Scotland and Greece with established organisations (France, Germany), as well as other European A2L initiatives and the informal European network on access to land; - Through the transfer of experience from French and German organizations towards the newer ones, to develop mutual knowledge cooperation, to reinforce networks, to increase the capacity to operate at transnational level and to share and confront new ideas; - To enlarge and enrich collective understanding and perspectives on access to land issues and solutions for established organizations by the experience from the Czech Republic, Scotland and Greece.The project “Learning towards Access to Land” is a strategic partnership for adult education of five partners to design a European core program for innovation and the exchange of good practices on local, national and European level. The partners are Asociace místních potravinových iniciativ (AMPI, Czech Republic), Terre de liens (France), Forschungsgesellschaft Die Agronauten (Germany), Nourish Scotland and Iliosporoi Network (Greece). This partnership will revolve around a transfer of experience between the established access to land organisations (Terre de Liens, Die Agronauten) and the newer organisations (AMPI, Nourish Scotland, Iliosporoi Network). The benefits for the younger organisations will be to learn about the objectives, ways of doing, and tools of established organisations. The added value for the established organisations will be to support the development of new A2L organisations in more European countries, and to connect them with established organisations and network. Planned activities of this project are:- 3 transnational project meetings (kick-off, mid-term and final) in the Czech Republic, Scotland and Greece- 3 short-term joint staff training events for the Czech Republic, Scotland and Greece led by Germany and France- 12 Skype meetings of The Coordination Committee- internal activities, meetings or trainings within partner organizations.The implementation methodology in this project will consist of several phases that span the project lifecycle: preparation, realization and final evaluation. These phases are consistent across all our planned activities. Project management stretches over all phases to keep the project on schedule and to insure the quality of the project. The participant-based methodology will contribute to a deeper understanding of the concept of A2L in a longer term, to provide target groups with transversal skills and to facilitate the promotion of the training activities. This project is a knowledge-based project improving the cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. It is aimed at producing, sharing and enriching resources (both general and technical) about the topic of access to land. The results will bring: a better understanding of the diversity of contexts, approaches and tools in both the newer and the established organisations via learning best practices as a way to consolidate their vision and practice; better skilled and better networked organisations supporting their employees with higher access to existing resources on access to land; better networked organisations working on access to land, and a clearer picture of the range of initiatives, approaches and country contexts. On all levels, the project is supposed to train staff, volunteers and supporters in participating countries in the topic of Access to Land (A2L). Another project impact is strengthening local networks (capacity building, attracting new organizations) and building new cross-sector partnerships. The dissemination and post-project use of the project results will contribute to the emergence of strong, community-based local enterprises in rural regions of Europe.
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