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Learning together – Roma in Europe

This project will contribute to the enhanced cooperation of European culture of the Roma associations. The focus is on adult education. The mutual visits will take a close look at the existing educational situation of Roma in Austria, Romania, Sweden, France, Spain, Bulgaria and Germany. The plan is to write a report on the educational and training situation in the countries involved.Preparing the project meetings we will jointly establish a questionnaire and publish the results on an Internet weblog.The focus of the project coordinator, VHS polycollege, is the planning of a special educational program together with the ethnic group of Roma in Vienna and for the Roma of Vienna: language courses, cooking classes, crafts, IT etc. This educational offer will lead to a better understanding of the concerns of the Roma in the Viennese population, and thus help to reduce the prejudices against the Roma. The range of language courses in Romany is the first step to a better understanding of the concerns and needs of Roma. The Learning Partnership will examine the educational situation of Roma in the respective partner countries and will identify best-practice models to be specially documented. The knowledge of the situation in the host countries will lead to fruitful ideas for their own work and activities.
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